Sunday, January 24, 2010

Tug With Our Pack Alumni

One nice thing about adopting from a Pit Bull rescue such as Our Pack and many others like it is that you get to know like minded folk that also have Pit Bulls. In this pic you see some Our Pack Pit Bulls having a tug of a time.

We believe in continually socializing your dog with dogs that have good chemistry with your dog. Chemistry is a big thing between dogs. It's just like with people. Sometimes you just don't hit if off right away with someone. Maybe you can't even say why or put your finger on it, something just doesn't feel warm and fuzzy with that person. It's the same with all dogs.

Things also go much better when the humans act as leaders and manage things properly, especially when dogs are first introduced. First impressions are everything! See

The dogs in this pic have had long term play with each other and know each other well as well as mind their manners while playing. They also have great chemistry with each other.

Note that some dogs don't do well with tug and it's a good idea to not allow this game on the very first date. Through our advanced exercises at our Pit Bull Leash Manners class we teach you how to help your dog to be more under control while playing tug. Sometimes this is all that's needed is an installation of an "off and on switch". However, remember that some dogs like to play this game with their owners only. That's cool too. Huh, you don't even want to see me when I'm losing a game of Scrabble!


  1. Good article on introductions.

  2. Today's was a significant post. I kept shaking my tiny head in agreement as I read on. Thank you for spreading the word on these issues. :)

  3. thanks again for your support Twink!