Monday, January 11, 2010

The Healing Power of Dogs

If you follow our blogs and Facebook page you know that we often play videos of dogs goofing around, play biting and generally being energetic and having fun.

We have also shown dogs just doing nothing and being calm. This is equally important in many instances with dogs.

Dogs that come from abuse situations or situations where they were neglected often have no play skills and other dogs show them how to play properly. Play is important in a pack as it adds levity and continues to build trust.

Relaxation and a sense of calm is extremely important as it also shows that dogs can just be around each other without having to be anxious, over excited, entertained or just plain ole working off boredom.

Dogs will show each other how to relax as well as how to play. Dogs are pack animals so they will do what other dogs are doing often in a group. If it's working for one to be barking then well, heck, it'll work for everyone right?

Luckily dogs that are balanced can show other dogs that all is well. They can demonstrate a sense of calm for others to emulate. Sometimes we can get the opposite where an anxious dog can make another dog anxious but generally if a dog is very balanced and the humans hanging around are providing good leadership and management the balanced dog will often even it all out.

Here's a video of Posie spooning with Stella who came from the Missouri case this summer. Let me know if you guys can see how she is saying "relax, all is well, just chill, lets just lay here and have some peace" and Stella is doing it and feeling the benefit of just hanging out, not doing anything but being peaceful and relaxed.

It breaks my heart that humans sometimes seem more broken to me that they are so willing to hurt an animal that has this incredible capability that many humans have finally lost for whatever reason...their own pain....? Who knows. If we were like this though, I think the world would be a better place......right? Peace.

Marthina McClay, CPDT
Animal Behavior College Mentor Trainer
Certified Tester/Observer for Therapy Dogs, Inc.
AKC Certified CGC Evaluator


  1. Yes, I did see exactly what you said on the video. Let's not talk about the nasty humans though. My mom and I are going through a bit of an angry phase just observing some of the atrocities taking place...

  2. I need to bring my Dulce over to learn some calm!

  3. so adorable...posey is like a great foster mom/sister.