Saturday, October 25, 2008

Is this what Michael Vick had in mind?

Not sure if this is what he had in mind but to us he is a winner in every sense of the word. Leo, one of the infamous Vick dogs, playing with his best buddy on a lazy afternoon! We sure enjoy watching them! Hope you do to..

Friday, October 17, 2008

Pit Bulls and Profiling

Here's a lil guy from a Los Angeles shelter.

It was reported by the shelter that he had a "fighting history". He had "scars consistent with fighting". A vet also said he had "old and new scars". One old wound in particluar was suspicious which is still visible.Gosh, maybe he got attacked by a wild animal in his yard or got out somehow on the street and was attacked by another animal. Maybe he got caught up in fencing. Who the heck knows. I don't like labels that skew what I'm looking at. Nor do I really care whether or not he actually was fought or not. I thought he should be evaluated on his own merit. While it's true that some dogs can be too damaged from abuse, all dogs, including ones with "fighting histories" should be judged based on WHO they are NOW and not based on WHERE they were. And the scars, they are a big hmmmm to me after seeing what I've seen. Some dogs without any scarring at all still have to be evaluated on their own merit as well. They could have more issues with dogs than dogs from busts,or they may not!!So this whole thing about putting down Pit Bulls from busts because they're too dog aggressive,just because they've come from a certain property, is just not pracitcing good behaviorism. It's based on conjecture and breed profiling with no real evidence that a dog cannot be put in a good home.

The Success of Michael Vick's dogs was not a fluke. It is based on the good temprements of the dogs. Sadly many fight bust don't get that chance.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Thank you Michael Vick???

Yes, you are reading the headline correctly, but thanks to this case and the landmark decision to give rescues a chance to work with these dogs, other fight bust dogs are also being given a chance at a new life. No big names involved here, no presss and notoriety, but deserving dogs nonetheless. Can you tell from the pictures which of these came from a raid? How can we not give them a chance at a normal life in a loving home?
THIS is what it is all about.
As we work with the bust dogs we come to find out that they are, oh no, oh my, uh oh, they're just dogs.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

So....You want to get a puppy.

I want to preface this by saying that I am not anti-breeding, but with breeding comes responsibility. Too often that is not what we see. Here is an all too familiar story of where those puppies come from that are advertised in the newspaper:

This is Cally. She was 5 years old and had at least 5 litters of puppies. I would guess she helped her owner earn some extra cash in the process. Were they advertised "home raised" ? Did she ever get to leave the yard before she outlived her usefulness and ended up at shelter along with her mate who was so badly infected he could barely walk? Did she ever play or go for walks? Did she have any toys or get to at least romp in the yard? Her demeanor told us the answer to all of those questions was NO. Many people tried to work with her and gently expose her to new things. She made progress but every new experience caused her stress. She was depressed in the kennel and would barely eat unless someone hand fed her. We took her for walks and tried to get her to see new people as a happy experience. One young man looked at her for the longest time. When we asked him what he saw his answer was: "sadness... all I see is a very sad soul" Who would adopt her? Where are we going to find a home for a frightened pit bull with saggy boobs who had never got to experience life? How long would she linger in a kennel until she slowly gave up? In the end the decision had to be made. She got to spend her last minutes on the couch with the people she had learned to trust who loved her dearly. There was no pain, no fear just incredible sadness as she silently went to sleep.
Run free sweet Cally.