Friday, January 1, 2010

Thoughtful and Happy New Year

This year brought a lot of work with Pit Bulls for us now that so many orgs are giving dogs from dog fighting abuse raids a chance at life. The world has had a chance to see what these wonderful dogs are all about being on such visible platforms. These dogs were always wonderful though and most of us doing Pit Bull rescue, education or canine behavioral counsling of some sort knew this way before the high profile cases in the last two years.
A new day has come for Pit Bulls and there really is so much to appreciate and be happy about. Our dogs have shown us courage, unconditional love and a humanity that they themselves did not receive. I think if I could just maintain the same attitude that they have I would probably get a lot more done!
Our dogs are now more and more being judged as individuals as they should be and there's so much to look forward to ringing in the new year. There's more work to do but in my opinion often focusing on what's positive and right begets more positivity and rightness while doing the tough work. The dogs show us everyday their positive attitudes in the worst ever situations.
So I'm going to cuddle up on my couch with my professional snugglers and appreciate the heck out them, give them all a kiss at midnight and look forward to another year of helping the dogs to be seen as what they are. I hope you all do the same!
I think this photo shows thoughtful reflection and appreciation. I'd like to thank one of our friends Christina for sending in this wonderful photo of her son and his "BFF".
Happy New Year!


  1. A Happy New Year to you all! It's been nice seeing the continuing trend to help pit bulls versus kill them. Hope it keeps up and something can be salvaged from the damage done to this most wonderful of breeds.

  2. I'm with you on that Rinalia! Thanks for your support and happy new year!

  3. An evaluated (by those in the know) rescued Pit can be such a wonderful addition to your family. I have enjoyed watching the relationship with the dog and the little boy in the picture develop over the last 14 months. That little boy gets that dog and that dog gets that little boy. If we hadn't rescued the dog that little boy would never know the joy of that dog. Some say we're crazy to allow the two to interact. I know that dog and I know her intent - it's pure affection. The dog has always been concerned about the baby boy - since day one. I love that dog. My Mom has cancer and that dog has been wonderful to her. My Dad had cancer and that dog was nothing but kind, gentle and attentive to him too. These are the most wonderful dogs - it's a shame that the well behaved majority get the rap for misbehaved minority. I'd happily adopt another. As soon as I'm in a position I'll foster.