Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Pit Bull Church

Phil with Bree (left) and Jakob (right).

This is Phil with his dog Bree. He and his wife Christine adopted Bree from Our Pack last year. They are now fostering Jakob from the large Missouri fighting bust. Phil and Christine have been model dog folk by coming to our Leash Manners classes on Sundays long after their adoption was final. Bree's manners have shaped up nicely.

Jakob came without any structure or any sort of training. Coming from and abuse case he was also very undersocialized and lacked the security of structure that most dogs would normally have. Poor guy. This can often make a dog feel insecure about his environment. Without positive leadership there's no guidance and without guidance it's harder for dogs to know what the right thing to do is.

Phil has been working with Jakob everyday, walking him and using the techniques used at our Sunday morning Leash Manners class otherwise known as Pit Bull Church. Jakob has come along way and is learning the rules of the house from his foster people and is learning better play skills from Bree. This gives him more confidence as he can interact, know what to do and be a part of things.

Pit Bull people love our Sunday morning classes. Folks can come and talk about dog stuff, share toy bargains, recipes and sometimes good gossip.

I know we show a lot of videos of our dogs playing, being silly or laying around. Training is actually a big key to dogs getting to that place of knowing what the rules are, having good manners with each other at home and focusing on you while ignoroing other dogs outside when on leash.

Thank you to Phil and Christine for the good work you're doing with both of these lucky, lucky dogs. We appreciate that you have not only helped to save our beautiful Bree (formerly Miss Bubbles) but also our sweet Jakob.

If anyone would like more info on the classes contact us at info@ourpack.org


  1. Look at those adorable kids. So glad to see Jakob out and being loved and trained. And, I just love his ears!

  2. Isn't he just the cutest??? He reminds me of a little leprechaun!