Saturday, January 23, 2010

My Pit Bull Saved My Life

This story came from one of our adopters who is also a fan our Our Pack. This story is about Ben. He's a regestered therapy dog. He helps people every day but this time he saved a life.
Ben the life saver......
Last night I was making tomato soup from scratch and was heating up olive oil in a pot.
I started cutting onions and just wanted to check up on the recipe on line....that's when I lost track of time. All of a sudden Ben nudged me with his nose, initially very gently but since I ignored it he did it stronger and stronger. At that moment I realized what had happened: because of my stuffed up nose (I have a bad cold) I didn't smell the oil that was about to burst into flames - the whole house was full of smoke!

So Ben actually saved my life - or at least the pot - since the oil was so hot it was about to go up into flames.
It was clear he was going to spend the night with us in our bed!
I love my dog he's smart and full of love.


  1. After reading this, I think it's time we adopted a Pit Bull next. You guys can be life savers, I didn't know. Plus my momma's so easily distracted that we live in constant fear of what she'll do next. Good job, Ben, my hero.

  2. Thanks Twink. Hope you get a Pit Bull bro or sis soon!

  3. Great story. Ben is so cute.

  4. Good Dog Ben!! I'm sure that he got all the treats and love that he could handle that day!

  5. What a great story! Yay for Pit Bull heros! Love the picture!

  6. That's great. Well, not great about almost burning your house down, but great that it was prevented! Dogs are so genius.

  7. I think they do perceive things that we don't for sure.