Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Training and Socializing, Food for the Canine Soul

A student sent a video of the social we have sometimes after after the Sunday Leash Manners class.

We think it's a great combo to have 2-3 days a week of good, positive interactions with other appropriate dogs that have been introduced properly, along with a good training class to help teach your dog control around other dogs while leashed. This has been a very successful recipe.

Some dogs don't like other dogs, even with heavy and positive socialization throughout their lives. Usually this is very manageable with a good training class to teach your dog to focus on you and not other dogs while on leash. Some dogs like some dogs and not others. Many dogs don't like dogs of the same sex - some are ok with if the chemistry is right. Again, manageable.

All canines need slow intros, as they can sometimes be offended by rushed-up, face-to-face meetings, so first impressions are everything when two dogs meet. A good start can help send off a good relationship. Again, even with proper intros it's a no go for some and they just want to be with their people folk.

Here's a video of the class sent by Alzbeta and Nigel of their dog Abby playing with Posie, Hanna, Bella, Texas and Dexter. Hope I didn't leave anyone out. Thanks guys for sending this. Abby did great on her first date!


  1. I'm sorry I meant to add that if you want to find out more about the social, contact Humane Society Silicon Valley for more info.

  2. I was going to ask, is this at HSSV? I'd like to get involved in that one day after class. I wouldn't mind driving out there.

  3. It really is a great option for socializing because you can select the dogs for your dog to play with. Everyone is prescreened first then the intros themselves are very slow, two dogs at a time. No one is ever just dumped in the group without assessment etc.

  4. OK, well maybe I can do that too? I saw some agility equipment there..I'd like to get Dulce on that because she likes it.

    Who all will be there?

  5. I'm not sure who's there from week to week. You will have to call hssv and sign up. They need shot records and then Dulce needs to be screened first as well.
    As far as the agility equipment goes it's owned by a partner of HSSV and is being stored so we can't use it. Bummer. But the social is a lot of fun.

  6. Well I hope to make it to class this week!