Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Baby Steps

This is a huge step in the right direction!! A Huge Thank You to Best Friends!! We are going to continue to make sure that this type of news continues. We have had so much success with fight bust dogs other than the Vick case we want to make sure that other adoptable fight bust dogs get the same opportunites to live a new life!

A meeting of the minds

February 23, 2009 : 8:44 PM ET
The Humane Society of the United States on February 23 issued an interim policy recommending all dogs be evaluated as individuals, and is calling a meeting of leading animal welfare organizations concerning dogs victimized by dog fighting.
Wayne Pacelle, chief executive officer and president of the Humane Society of the United States, suggested the meeting of major stakeholders in Las Vegas to work through the associated issues. This meeting is in response to concerns expressed by Best Friends Animal Society in December 2008 regarding HSUS policies related to animals confiscated in dog-fighting busts.
Pacelle said the meeting, scheduled for April, will include the participation of national stakeholder organizations that deal with pit bulls. The meeting was in the planning stages before Superior Court Judge Ed Wilson Jr. ruled that 145 pit bulls, including approximately 70 puppies, confiscated from Wildside Kennels in Wilkes County, North Carolina, would be euthanized without evaluation to determine suitability for placement.
The new interim policy announced by the HSUS, pending the outcome of the meeting, recommends that local law enforcement and animal control evaluate such dogs as individuals rather than as a category before any decision is made regarding their future.
“We expect government, corporations, and individuals to constantly re-evaluate how they deal with animal issues,” Pacelle said. “Likewise, we regularly review our own policies and procedures here at HSUS, and we think it is important to talk with professional colleagues in the movement to examine issues related to the disposition of fighting dogs.
“I am pleased to discuss these issues with personnel from Best Friends and other organizations interested in the welfare of pit bulls.”
Julie Castle, director of Community Programs and Services for Best Friends said, “There had been more than enough airing of feelings and outrage that the dogs were not evaluated prior to being summarily euthanized. It was time to hit the reset button on this in order to move things forward in a constructive way. Mr. Pacelle was open and receptive to what we had to say and we are looking forward to our meetings in April.”
Best Friends, through its campaign, “Pit Bulls: Saving America’s Dogs,” is looking forward working cooperatively with HSUS, according to Castle.
The campaign is aimed in part at educating the public and the media about pit bulls in order to help save the breed’s reputation. “Our goal is to bring positive change to lives and image of pit bulls,” she said.
Written by Best Friends staffPhoto of Meryl, a Vicktory dog, by Gary Kalpakoff
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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Couch Taters Part Deux

OK, Time for happy pics. Raven's Blog generated so many pictures from other Couch Potatoes so I thought I'd share some of them here.

Here's the same couch but a small potato

and then a baby spud with her buddy spud

How about a Choco Potato

Or the original Couch Pit-Ato - Moo

Here's a Pile - O - Pitatos

And then there's the acrobatic-contortionist couch pitato

Yessireeeee.. just look at all these scary pit bulls (and wanna bees)...you're couches and pillows will not be safe.....beware - scary scary stuff!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Coalition Urges HSUS to Revise Policy on Dogs Seized in Fighting Busts


The court-ordered destruction Monday of 145 dogs, including about 75 puppies, which were seized from a fighting dog breeding operation in December, was based on the faulty assumption that all dogs seized in dog-fighting related busts should arbitrarily be deemed dangerous and euthanized.

Wilkesboro, NC (Vocus/PRWEB ) February 19, 2009 -- The court-ordered destruction Monday of 145 dogs, including about 75 puppies, which were seized from a fighting dog breeding operation in December, was based on the faulty assumption that all dogs seized in dog-fighting related busts should arbitrarily be deemed dangerous and euthanized.

The decision to kill the dogs was supported by the largest animal welfare organization in the country, the Humane Society of the United States. According to the Winston-Salem Journal, representatives of HSUS testified in Wilkes County Superior Court that the dogs had to be destroyed because they had been 'bred for generations to be aggressive.' HSUS reasserted its outdated policy, written more than 20 years ago: 'Any dog who has been specifically bred or conditioned for fighting, or for which there is evidence that the dog has been used for fighting should not be placed for adoption by an animal shelter but humanely euthanized as soon as legally possible.'
A Best Friends Animals Society-led coalition offered resources to the county for evaluation, spay/neuter, and support in finding homes for qualified dogs. These animal welfare organizations, which have extensive experience with rescued fighting dogs, urged Wilkes County to accept their offer of support for an alternative approach, such as was used in the Michael Vick case. The coalition includes BAD RAP (Bay Area Doglovers Responsible About Pit Bulls), Animal Farm Foundation, Villa Lobos Rescue Center, Downtown Dog Rescue, The Sula Foundation and Our Pack.
“We are disheartened and shocked that HSUS, a leader in the animal welfare community, would testify in court for the automatic destruction of puppies and dogs, who had not been given the opportunity to be evaluated as individuals, based on this policy. The Michael Vick dogs have proven how antiquated this approach is,” said Ledy VanKavage, an attorney with Best Friends Animal Society.
In 2006 HSUS advocated that all of the dogs from the Michael Vick dog fighting case be put down for the same reasons they used when recommending the killing of the Wilkes County pit bulls. In that case a federal court appointed a Special Master to oversee the evaluation of Vick’s dogs, all of which were adults. Many of the Vick dogs are now in adoptive homes, and at least two of the so-called “aggressive fighting dogs” are therapy dogs that visit hospitals to cheer up ailing patients.
“The coalition members and their supporters are urging HSUS to revaluate this policy and apply a more progressive approach that reflects the lessons learned by the animal welfare groups in the coalition, as well as other organizations that work directly with dogs,” VanKavage said.
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Monday, February 16, 2009

Wasn't Anyone Listening?

Today is a very sad day for pit bulls.
Looks like the HSUS was better at getting their fear message across to this judge. This is how they spend their donations? They put how many man hours into the arrest of this guy, and for what, to euthanize the dogs that they "saved"

'Seized dogs to be euthanizedby StaffSuperior Court Judge Ed Wilson ordered this morning that 127 pit bulldogs seized in a Dec. 10, 2008 raid in Wilkes County be euthanized. The dogs were seized at Wildside Kennels on Mertie Road near Millers Creek. The judge heard arguments from several individuals in Wilkes Superior Court, including representatives form the Humane Society of the United States and the prosecutor, that the dogs would pose a threat if adopted into families. Members of several animal advocacy groups, as well as individuals, had asked to be allowed to adopt the dogs. The ownership of the dogs was awarded to the county when the owner of Wildside Kennels, Ed Faron, 61, of Mertie Road failed to pay the county for the care of the animals. Faron was sentenced to 8 to 10 months in prison last week after pleading guilty to 14 counts of felony dog fighting.­ Donni Juan Casanova, 18, was given a suspended sentence of six to eight months after entering a guilty plea of to one count of felony dog fighting. Casanova is the adopted son of Faron. The third defendant in the case, Amanda Grace Lunsford, 25, was sentenced this morning to 45 days, suspended for 24 months of supervised probation. She entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals'

Obviously the success of the Michael Vick dogs doesn't mean anything. Yep HSUS, this dog here is way too dangerous, just look at the fear he generates!

A fluke they say? What about Zoe here from a Missouri Fight Bust - A Certified Therapy dog lounging on her couch where she lives with two other dogs?

Or this one from an AZ bust who is also a Certified Therapy dog who lives happily with another pit bull?

I'm sad, just very very sad.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introducing Raven (or Confessions of a couch potato)

HI EVERYONE! My name is Raven, I'm available for adoption and I admit it...I do love the couch, I especially love being on the couch if there is a person on it with me!

Some of the ladies from Our Pack came and got me from the Hayward Shelter, and I've been living with my foster dad now for about a month and they say I'm ready for adoption..I hope that means I get a couch of my own. I spent the night at my foster auntie Mary's last night and she let me share the couch with her, and even let me have some time on it by myself.

I do like to play and I'm very respectful of my playmates. I've met a cat at my aunt Mary's house. So far I've only smelled her and actually she looks a little scary when she gets all puffy but Mary seems to think with some time and patience we might get along just fine. Everyone says I am a very sweet girl. I really love everyone I meet, big people, little people, men, women. They tell me I have to learn not to put my feet on everyone, but I really just want to get up in their laps and be as close as I can. I am about 2-3 yrs old. They don't know for sure and a lady doesn't talk about her age. I love to go for long hikes and I do really well at ignoring other dogs when we are walking. I'm still working on not pulling when I'm on my leash because I'm still very excited to get out and go but I'm getting better or at least that's what my foster dad tells me ( I thought I did fine all along).

Here I am with one of my little friends, he was really a cool kid and I loved hanging around with him.

And here is a picture of my profile...I think I'm quite magnificent looking, I weigh just under 50lbs and need to put on just a few more pounds and then I'll have that perfect girlish figure

So, this is me! I hope you'll want to learn more about me and maybe give me that forever couch! If you're interested you can contact mary@ourpack.org to find out more details and maybe get to know me even better!