Friday, August 28, 2009

Vick's Victims

Commentary from Francis Battista
Cofounder of Best Friends Animal Society

I wanted to share this well-written and very appropriate commentary from Francis Battista. I agree with Francis and I feel that Michael Vick has not proven that he's changed before being accepted as a player for the Eagles. I don't feel that he's walked the walk yet and he's being prematurely accepted.


I don't think Vick should just skip along onto the playing field without a solid thought about what he's really done or some sort of real proof of atonement for these acts of violence. As Francis points out in his commentary, some of the Vick dogs are still recovering from what happened to them. Not all of the dogs have come out of this completely unscathed. I can't help but think of that while Vick throws the ball around.

The dogs know the impact of what's happened and through them, so do we. Here's the link to Battista's article:


  1. Definitely should have not been reinstated or invited to play with the Eagles. Vick has shown no remorse.

  2. It's not just Philadelphia, it's the entire nation.
    The sports industry is such a hugh major business that they have been above the law for decades now. There is so much money in the business that none of this has anything to do with the dogs or the animal cruelty, or second chances. Nothing at all. It has to do with making money. I've said this before and I'll say it again:

    The reason they can hand over millions of dollars so easily to Vick, is because there is easily millions of dollars to hand over.

    Society supports, desires, idolizes and feeds off of major sports.
    Fans pour their hard earned money into their tickets, their promo items, their jersey's, their big screen t.v.s, their magazines, all of it. All of it and all of the business involved continue to pour money into this meaningless organization.
    It's everyone's fault that Vick is back, every sports fan everywhere. Society has created this beast that is major league sports. It wasn't always this way.

    How many people are out of a job right now? How many people are losing their homes? How many decent people need a second chance?

    Clearly, priorities are misplaced in our society.

  3. What a fatastic article. Really pinpointed a lot of my own feelings and beliefs.
    I also agree with Ingrid above - organized sports are just about making money, and the people want their sports idols regardless of what kind of people they actually are. There is a huge disconnect between what happens on a field and what happens in the various players' real life.