Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Our Pack Joins Other Rescues to Help in HSMO Case

A press release went out on the wires this morning announcing that Our Pack, along with several other rescue groups nationwide, is working with the Humane Society of Missouri to care for and eventually receive some of the more than 400 dogs rescued in connection with the largest dog fighting raid in U.S. history.

We are so thrilled to have been invited by HSMO to do our part and help rescue some of the dogs in this case, and are looking forward to helping place and train some of these dogs to join Leo in his therapy work.

We need FOSTER HOMES to take these dogs in while we work with them! If you are interested in fostering a dog, please see our foster page or email us at

Rescue groups involved in the effort include:


  1. Thanks for posting this Rebecca. I just want to make sure the article is clear to folks that it's not just the groups listed that are the only ones welcomed to help in rescue efforts. Humane Society Missouri is asking that others also call/email to offer help. It may take a bit for your call to be returned as they are very swamped with 100s of dogs to care for and still need your help. You can contact us or call the Humane Society MO.

  2. Keep up the good work!