Saturday, August 29, 2009

More on Breed Profiling

Here's an article about a dog that was thrown off of a bridge and lived only to be greeted with profiling and prejudice, not based on actions but based on breed. No proof of any ill temperament, just judged by breed. Ugh.

Photo: Scott Utterback, The Courier-Journal, Scott Utterback / AP

It's funny that a proven animal abuser is allowed to go out and be an example to young people before he has proven his remorse for his actions. But a Pit Bull that hasn't even done anything can't live in a dwelling based on his breed??? Not his actions only?

I don't get it.....


  1. It's hard enough right now with the economical situation that is going on without people like this making things more difficult. It's hard to believe.

  2. this just happened with the puppy we took in. He was one of the pit puppies stolen from the sac city shelter. He had come in stabbed, and emaciated at 6ish weeks old. He was nursed back to health just to be stolen from the shelter, then returned by a good Samaritan with parvo. We decided to take him none the less, and just HOPE that he pulled through (he passed away yesterday, unfortunately). I was disgusted and amazed at the comments left on the Sac Bee website about how this puppy didnt deserve a chance just because he was a pit bull, and "a good pit bull is a dead pit bull" etc. Its just disgusting. Such a little innocent, mistreated being "deserves" this simply because of his breed. Just makes me want to cry!

  3. Wow, I can't even believe that! That's horrible!
    Thanks so much for helping this little one!!