Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Is Vick Really Sorry?

For those of you who may have missed (some probably intentionally) the Michael Vick interview on 60 Minutes this past Sunday, not everyone believes his words of remorse. Check out this article by Phil Taylor in this week's issue of Sports Illustrated:

"I don't believe Michael Vick. In fact, while watching his 60 Minutes interview on Sunday, I pretty much thought he was full of it."

We agree and salute all the quiet heroes whose actions speak louder than words. Like Leo, the former Vick dog who is happily working today as a therapy dog.


  1. I watched the interview. Waited for any sign of remorse in regards to the horrific abuse towards the dogs in his possession. It was painfully obvious the remorse he feels is about being exposed & how that has affected his life. I can't help but wonder how would he react if he came face to face with one of the dogs he mistreated in the past? Would that encounter draw out an emotion he was unable to convey in the interview?

  2. Now I am really glad I did not watch that interview.
    My husband was afraid I would break his TV by throwing something at it and asked me to skip it...
    He was probably right and I would have just been angrier than I already am.

    But I tell you one good thing. My dogs have gotten spoiled rotten over all this.
    The angrier I get at Vick the more I spoil and love on my kids.

  3. Way to PittieMommy! I did the same thing. I did watch the show and Leo didn't believe a word!!
    Actually Leo should have done the interview!

    I agree Jenn, I didn't see the remorse either.

  4. I really tried to watch the interview with an open mind but it didn't take long for Vick to "open mouth and insert foot." I was very disappointed but not surprised!