Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Paco Collars is Helping Dogs!

Paco Collars are awesome! They're beautiful and so well made. They have a certain style and look to them I love. They are so durable even for my rockin' out hard playin' gang. I want to also thank Paco Collars for donating part of their profits to Our Pack! Here's how it works:

To order one of these rockin' collars go to http://www.pacocollars.com
On the Paco Collars site, use the code CAOU01 in the Coupon Code area. On the Fetching Tags site, use the code in the "Note to Tagmaker" area until further notice - a coupon code area is being worked on as we speak.

Either way, any order that's made using this code, 20% of the purchase will be donated back to Our Pack!

Thank you again Paco Collars for making such beautiful collars and helping dogs too!! You guys ROCK!


  1. Wow! That is so awesome of them! 20% is very generous.
    I love their collars too; they are quite beautiful.

    Going to go take a looky now...

  2. I think they carry such a professionalism. You get this cool little note when you get the collar with suggestions. They are first class all the way! Not saying this because of the donations, I've loved'em all along! Great stuff.