Monday, March 15, 2010

Got this in an e mail....

Here's Cynthia one of our fantastic fosters who worked with Charlotte from a dog fighting raid out of Arizona the day she passed her therapy cert.
I got the following in an e mail. When will some folks realize that Pit Bulls are born for therapy work with their people loving personalities.
Here's the e mail --
Saturday, M...arch 13, 2010 ~
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Denver and Aurora denies Veterans- and
Denver lawsuits
News hit the airwaves on this
Friday morning regarding Denver and TWO major lawsuits they are
facing due to their so called "Pit Bull" policies.Denver and
Aurora were both been informed Friday March 12th, of a class
action lawsuit to be filed in U.S. District Court, state of
Colorado for violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

A restraining order was also requested and and an order granted
(3/11/10) to prevent either city from discriminating against
disabled persons having service dogs of a banned breed in their

One person named in the lawsuit is a disabled gulf war
veteran whose service dog is a registered UKC American Pit Bull
Terrier.Doug Kelly, Manager of Denver Animal Control, refused to license
the dog and told the owner he could either get rid of the dog or
move out of Denver. The dog was licensed in previous residences in California
and Arizona as a service dog.

Another veteran who owns a house in Aurora had his pit bull mix seized by animal control as a banned breed, despite his pleas that it was his service dog.The dog was
only released from the pound upon his agreeing to send the dog out
of the city of Aurora and pay fines. This person can't afford to sell
his home and move, but he needs his service dog with him. A friend
is keeping her east of Aurora but this veteran has been denied his right
to his service dog in his home. He must depend on friends to help
him and visits to his service dog to try and keep his life stable.
Both these veterans have written prescriptions from their VA doctors for
the dogs. Another disabled person who wanted to stay in Denver
with her American Pit Bull Terrier while visiting her sister in the
city and attending UKC events in the area was told by Doug Kelly,
Manager of Denver Animal Control, in no uncertain terms that he
would not be issuing her any permit for her service dogs.
TIME TO WAKE UP Denver and Aurora! You cannot deny people their service
dogs no matter what breed they are! Denver and Aurora are violating
FEDERAL LAW and karma's coming back to get them! What does this say
about Denver and Aurora that we haven't already said?

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  1. Hope this lawsuit will help in taking down these unfair breed bans!!!