Thursday, March 4, 2010

Multiple Dog Homes

I am one of those people who has “always” had dogs, and multiple dogs, and never thought of the need to separate them when I was away – They love each other, they’re buddies. I really believe that I was lucky. Now that I actually share my life with a pit bull and a schnauzer I always keep them separate when I am not home, AND I manage their play when I am at home. They get along great. They play together when they want to and ignore and share their space when they are not in the mood to play. They are respectful of each other but I also know that it could happen. Jax – the schnauzer is generally the instigator of rough play and although he certainly isn’t a fragile dog he is the smaller of the two and after having him on crate rest for 6 weeks after his determination to be the stronger tugger of the two and hurting his neck, I really do have to keep him in check. The other day it became very clear why I stick with the crating when I’m not here. Something got Hanna’s attention outside – she is deaf, so it’s hard to say what got her going but she can be very vocal and focused on whatever it is that has her riled up. As she was barking Jax came up to see what the ruckus was about and for one quick minute she turned to bark at him – now nothing happened as I was right there next to both of them but I know my little bugger (Jax) and I know that he is not a shrinking violet so if challenged he would easily snap back. How would that have played out if I hadn’t been there? I never want to find out.

If you click on the title of this post it will take you to the Our Pack article on Pit Bulls and other pets which has some great information.

I don’t really have a reason for posting this now, just something I’ve thought about for a long time and wanted to share with those of you out there who thought like me – it can never happen – it’s just not worth the risk. And now Jax who has had the run of the house for the past 5 years is the first one to go in his crate on his own – even after 6 weeks of having to be there. He is the one who runs in there for his alone time! So don’t think that they can’t adjust to a crate – I know they can!

Here is the proof, that they clearly do get along - and that Jax is NOT timid


  1. I live in an apartment in the lower level of my sister's home and her two pitbulls and newly adopted puggle spend a good portion of the day hanging out with me. I've noticed that the female pittie, Roxy, almost always "pulls her punches" when playing with Jordie, the puggle. But he is very feisty and sometimes things can get out of hand if they aren't supervised when playing. When play time is over, they like to curl up together to snooze.

    The male pittie, Petey, took a while getting used to Jordie and doesn't play with him much (Petey is older and much prefers napping or snuggling close to me) but, again, when they do play together, I need to supervise and be prepared to distract them if play gets too rough.

  2. Same here...but when I am not here with the crates they go with a good stinky bone or a bully stick or a kong...they race me to their crates when they see the good stuff come out!

  3. Got us thinking. We live in a rather mixed home here too. Three cats and three dogs have the run of the house. Hmmm, a while back, M noticed we fight less when she's not around. We'll reconsider. You're being prudent.

  4. I can't stress that enough, Mary. Always keep your dogs separated when you are not there to supervise. I hate it when people say "But my dogs are best friends they get along fine!" The same goes for dog parks and Pit Bulls.

  5. Not timid at all by the looks of it!