Friday, March 5, 2010

Another Fabulous Student

Another Fabulous Student

This is Janie with her Pit Bull Eleanor. What a great job she's done with her.

I say that because Eleanor came to class like a bull in a china shop. Rude, lunging, barking and staring at every dog in class. Whew, she was a little sassy thang!

After 2 weeks in class she's now one of the best dogs in class. Eleanor got the idea very quickly about what to do and not what to do while around other dogs on leash. It's common for dogs to come to class and turn around fast. Some dogs take longer, that's ok too.

Ok, so before folks get the idea that lunging, barking etc toward other dogs (leash reactivity) is just a Pit Bull thing, let me tell you that this was in my all breed obedience class. The German Shepard across the circle in class from Eleanor was VERY happy to engage in some wild party stuff like barking and lunging toward her as well. That's fine. Unfortunately it seems to be a different perception publicly as a general rule when Pit Bulls act out on leash vs a German Sherpard. Strange, in the 60s it wouldn't have been!

Soooooo, our beautiful German Shepard friend is now in our Leash Manners class on Sundays in addition to the ob class learning appropriate behaviors while hanging out with other dogs on leash. Funny eh? This is what it's all about......dogs!
Thanks to Sheila Gibson for the great photo!


  1. What great eye contact! I was just writing today about how our Miss M was like a crazy fish on a wire at her first class, but once she realized what was going on she became a regular circus dog. I think people are just quicker to notice leash reactivity in Pit Bulls because of the stigmas, but I can't tell you how many little dogs we encounter on our walks, who do that to our pitties, and everyone just thinks it's so cute...

  2. I see, so that's why my M says it's not just the dog, it's the trainer/owner/parent. Great job, Eleanor. You show the world what a pitbull does.

  3. Schwang, SO true!
    Thanks Twink!