Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A Poem From Leo

Please don't put your face up to mine.
I tell dogs this all the time.
They don't listen and they don't care,
could it be because their owners aren't aware?
I'm a dog, a dog has a code,
not to greet in a face to face mode.
It's scary when a dog on a leash goes to the end.
It's not that I'm mean, I'm social and like to have a friend..
People then say, "oh he's aggressive, look he snapped",
But how is this wrong when it was the other dog making ME feel trapped?
Please respect other dogs and don't walk your dog up to their face,
then this world for dogs, will be a happier place.

By Leo
Therapy Dog
Pit Bull Ambassador (hence the poem)
Best Loved Family Companion


  1. Leo, what a great poem with an important message! I think your poetry will help people understand that it is their responsibility to help their dogs learn good manners. Good job!

  2. Yo Leo, Im Rocky and I get so nervous when other dog's run up to me. Its nice to know Im not the only one.

  3. Wow Leo, you are so talented! Great poem and a VERY important message.

  4. Leo, I know I posted this question on facebook already, but I'm not sure where your mom will see it first. :-) Would it be alright if we share your poem on our web site? I love how you put it into perspective in a way that us humans "can't". I think it'd be a great intro to linking to your mom's dog to dog intro article. :-)

  5. Oh Leo. That was a wonderful statement and I wish people would learn from your poem.

  6. Thanks guys! And yes Kat you can use my poem on your site. I'm so happy everyone likes it and I hope it does some good for dogs and their people!

  7. What a talented boy!

  8. Leo,
    I didn't realize that in addition to being my play buddy that you were also a man of such eloquence. I am truly in love now (but my mom doesn't like it so much when I sit at the computer-she says I hit too many wrong keys)

    Your girlfriend Hanna

  9. Oh my Indiana would have agreed COMPLETELY!
    People would ask "oh is she not friendly?"

    I'd say "No she's nice, she's just a bit anti-social and hates 'close talkers'."

    (and so do I)