Friday, October 23, 2009

Chris Rock to Lose Pryor Role Over Dog-Fighting Comments?

From The animal-loving widow of RICHARD PRYOR banned CHRIS ROCK from portraying the late comedy icon on the big screen after he made a joke about dog fighting, according to reports.

Richard Pryor/AP photo

The Head of State star was among the frontrunners to land the main role in a new Pryor biopic, but he allegedly lost the part after jokingly defending shamed American football star Michael Vick, who recently served time for running an illegal dog-fighting ring.

During a recent appearance on U.S. TV's The Jay Leno Show, Rock said, "What the hell did Michael Vick do? Pitbulls ain't (sic) even real dogs! Dogs have never been good to black people!"

The quip offended Pryor's wife Jennifer, who serves as the director of animal rescue group Pryor's Planet, and she made sure Rock's throwaway comments cost him the movie job.

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  1. Way to go Jennifer! I'm thrilled to see you stand up for Richard's beliefs. Humor is one thing but this is damaging on so many levels! Bravo

  2. And what Leno himself said, "I know, it's amazing to me, you mistreat a dog and you lose your career and you go to jail for two years."