Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mercury News Columnist Purdy on Vick

San Jose Mercury News columnist Mark Purdy devoted his column this morning to the upcoming Oakland/Philadelphia game this weekend. The focus of the column is a follow-up on some of the dogs from the Michael Vick case, and includes a nice mention of our very own Leo and his new career as a therapy dog.

Former Vick dog Leo in his new career as a therapy dog.

In the column, Purdy wonders:

"Crowds in Philadelphia have been largely supportive of his comeback. But what about this weekend? How will he fare with the public here in the animal-rights-intensive Bay Area?"

In addition to animal lovers, I'm thinking Oakland fans probably have a good answer for that one too. Read the article here:

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  1. our "friends" in the Bay area, the ones who are apparently deciding who of the MO bust dogs shall live and who shall die, will apparently have an announcement soon which will make all right IRT Vic.