Friday, October 23, 2009

Missouri Fight Bust Dogs Up for Adoption

The Humane Society of Missouri is trying to spread the word that, following the biggest dog-fighting ring bust in U.S. history this summer, some of more than 500 pit bulls rescued in the raid are now up for adoption. More than 100 puppies were born after they were confiscated .

As you all know, Jakob, pictured here, has already been released to Our Pack's care. Vice President of Operations Debbie Hill says 19 of the dogs have been adopted out, and as the court awards custody of more of them to the Humane Society, more homes will be sought. Sadly, she says, some had to be euthanized. Hill says adopting these dogs out spreads a message about an illegal industry most people don’t know is so prevalent. She says it’s amazing how after being so mistreated, the dogs are so people-friendly. Some, like Jakob, are even finding a new purpose in life as therapy dogs.

For more information on the rescue operation and to help, click here.

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See videos and pictures of Jakob on our Facebook page.


  1. It's good to see these dogs getting a chance.

  2. Oh my goodness what a challenge!!
    While my heart and soul are certainly ready to adopt another little pit girl, after losing my Indiana last January, I'm not sure I'd be allowed?

    Do you know if they'd let such a far away home take one of the dogs or puppies? Also, I'm living with family right now and although I pretty much have the entire third floor to myself, without my own home, I don't know if I'd be an acceptable candidate!!
    I'm with my sister who has 4 kids, two dogs, a cat and a husband! I haven't even attempted adopting yet because I'm so sure I'd be shot down. So depressing.
    I just can't find an apartment soon enough!!!!

  3. You're welcome to e mail me at if you want more info.