Monday, March 30, 2009

No one is immune

Tougher Rules for Pit Bulls
Even in the land of Best Friends and many of the former Michael Vick Pit bulls BSL is trying to raise it's ugly head! It seems that the city of Ogden is looking at making amendments to put in tougher requirements for owners of pit bulls. Special collars to identify them - see previous blog - and WHO is going to id them? Who can pick out the pit bull in these pictures?
We must be diligent, we must be the best pit bull owners and advocates, we must not think this can't happen where we live.


  1. This kind of thing always scares me. Unless determinations are made using foolproof methods the determinations will be flawed. Is there a foolproof method? If determinations are based on a visual exam - well don't get me started! I do think anyone that keeps a dog should be educated on proper handling and care, not just owners of a powerful breed dog.

    I watched my neighbors calling their little Boston Terrier yesterday. The called her over and over and she didn't come. They let her run around in the front yard off leash - she could be taken or worse run over by a car. I don't know if they found her. They're clueless.

    I talked to a guy a couple of days ago that had an American Bulldog in the back of his open pick up truck - the dog was not tethered. I asked why he didn't tether him for his safety and he said the dog has been with him 4 years. What's that got to do with protecting his dog?

  2. Ugh! Good points Maria. We often get into the powerful breed issue. I think all dogs need responsible care, good fences and should be matter how many years they've been with you!