Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Play Time

Too much seriousness in the world right bout some pitty play

and just one more of some major squeeking

That's all folks!


  1. What a nice family! I love all of your baby's.
    I am so happy to see happy pit bulls.

    Love Anne

  2. These videos are great.
    How can anyone not love these dogs?

    Our dog is very confused by the squeaking video.
    She races for some squeaky toys,runs back to the speaker and cocks her head.
    Very comical.
    Hit replay and repeat.
    We`ve promised ourselves that we`ll stop at 10 replays if she hasn`t figured things out by then.

  3. Poor neglected Dexter ;)

  4. TOO cute. I think Dexter sneezing is freaking hilarious.

  5. Yep, if you need attention just sneeze! He's so demanding about that sneeze!!

    I noticed our dogs doing the same thing. When I played the video they went running out toward the back of the house thinking someone must be out there playing with THEIR squeakers!

    Oh yeah, poor Dex he's SO abused.

  6. When I was posting this Jax went and got his squeeky toy and sat and looked at it like how are you doing this without me??? He's such a confused lil fella!

  7. Zoe was watching this with me and turning her head side to side. Then she heard your voice, Marthina, and her tail started to wag. Zoe wants to come play at your doggie day care. Nothing like some good pittie play. Always makes us smile.

  8. Zoe is such a sweet heart. Love that girl!

  9. Oh lookit all those happy, social Pit Bulldawgs! I love it!