Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Results!

Well gosh, no one guessed that the major breed in our friend Jaws is Golden Retriever and I had a spiffy Our Pack Bumper sticker ready to mail to the winner!!

Here are the results.

  • Level 1: Over 75% of the DNA found in your dog is from the breed listed: (Jaws did not have any breed for Level 1)

  • Level 2: Each breed listed represents between 37-74% of your dog's DNA: Golden Retriever

  • Level 3: Each breed listed represents between 20-36% of your dog's DNA: Boxer

His Foster mom says that the Golden actually does fit some of his personality traits and we all definatlely see Boxer in him so that isn't a big surprise.
Now I know this company does not identify Pit Bulls, but that just adds to the confusion and the difficulty in identifying breeds. A second DNA test is being done with a company that does recognize both Am Staffs and Staffy Bulls so we will keep you posted on those results. Stay Tuned!


  1. That`s too funny.
    Golden Retriever???

    They`re all "dangerous".
    We had a dog killed by a Golden Retriever a few years ago.That "proves" it.

    For the next test,I`m going with Hereford calf.

  2. Where/what's Hereford Calif.?

    We'll see what happens with the next test. Interesting experiment!

  3. I never would have guessed that as you can tell from my guess. I have to add that a Golden Retriever visiting our neighbor bit our Pit on the muzzle when she stuck her nose through the fence to meet him - she still has the scar.

  4. Not Hereford California.

    A Hereford Calf(as in Cow)
    His face doesn`t have the typical white face but his body has the look.

    We had friends with a little pit with a brown/white body and totally white face.
    They were out walking it and a Cow came through a fence just to get to their pup.
    Her calf had just been taken away that morning and she was frantic.

    It took 3 grown men to get her under control.
    She was sure this pup was her calf.

    So my vote is that the dog above will come back as 20-36% Hereford Calf.
    That`s how much confidence I have in these tests.

  5. Ha, ok get it. Read it TOTALLY wrong. Makes sense. Good point.

    Do you think that the DNA is actually inaccurate or do you think that the database is just too small? I've seen clients get DNA done on their dogs and they look like what it says.

    I know that we can't have any law based on a breed. Look at this discussion. It's simply wrong to say that a breed must be banned or euth'd because of his address etc.

    Maybe somebody outta get a ban going on Herefords after all that scary stuff above!

  6. If the Genetic Scientists were to say they were accurate,I would believe they are.
    It`s not to say they won`t be in the future.

    I`m very suspicious of why they are even being developed but that may just be me.

    I wouldn`t volunteer my dog`s DNA to the Database Bank because of that suspicion.

    I may just be getting paranoid due to BSL and all the dead dogs.

    I know some people like the idea because they think you`ll be able to prove your Mutt isn`t a pit bull mix.

    There`s nothing wrong with Pit Bulls so I have no interest in tests that can prove you don`t own one.

    BSL needs to end regardless of the accuracy of these tests now or in the future.

  7. Yes, you're right BSL MUST end.

    I do feel for the folks that can't live anywhere, can't rent anywhere, can't get insurance etc because they own a "Pit Bull". At least until there's more accuracy they can keep their dog alive and living in a dwelling that's not a kennel at a shelter waiting to be put down, even if it is a boxer whatever mix that looks like a pit bull.

    A dog shouldn't have to be surrendered to a shelter because it looks like something it isn't either. Neither should the breed that it actually isn't have to pay. The BSL solution is just so wrong across the boards that even dogs that aren't Pit Bulls suffer.

    Yep, not sure about DNA either and we shouldn't have to prove anything because we have a pit bull but until it's ideal out there at least folks have something that they can do.

    And yes, it should never be used to say, "see he's not a pit bull, he's a good dog", EVER. The point to this blog here was to prove exactly how ridiculous and dangerous BSL is not only to Pit Bulls but even to this dog in the photo above that's MAYBE a Golden mix!!

  8. I never hear anything negative from anyone that knows a breed correct American Pit Bull Terrier or AmStaff. Our dog has converted many people that simply don't have any experience with the breed - they love her. I probably wouldn't have her DNA tested unless I wanted to find out what kind of cow she is! Moo!

  9. I'll vote for Jersey! Uh, well, maybe Hereford?? Pibble, what d'ya think?

  10. I see more of a Hereford shaped head in spite of the fact that he doesn`t have the white face.
    I`m still stunned over the Golden Retriever.
    I can`t see that at all.

    I`m going to bet that the 2nd test does not come up with Golden Retriever.

    Does anyone actually know the "Parents" of this dog?

    Speaking of cows,I just read this interesting statistic about Cow related fatalities in this Policy Paper by Janis Bradley.

    [quote]Statistics show that dog-bite deaths occur at
    approximately one-fifth the rate of lightning fatalities, one-third the rate
    of forklift fatalities,

    *** and one-third the rate of cattle-related fatalities. (The
    cattle figure is probably low, since the only counts available are for work related

  11. Well I for one think they can be useful in many ways. Let's say that Mr. Jaws really is a Golden Mix. He has had his share of issues and a very unfortunate beginning to his life. All different kinds of dogs can need some extra help adjusting. Not every golden retriever is a perfectly well behaved loves everyone and everything dog, not ever pit bull is going to have unmanageable dog aggression. If these tests are accurate it could really help us look at dogs as individuals and not just at what we "think" they are and therefore what we expect from them. It can also help us make sense out of behaviors we see that don't fit the breed we see? I know - if it looks like a duck...but what if it quacks like a goose?
    Like Marthina mentioned, maybe it could help someone who has one of those dogs that "look" like a pit bull keep their home, or find a new one if the DNA proved it wasn't? Is it right that a breed of dog can prevent you from getting or keeping a home - absolutely not but that is the reality for many people (myself included).
    There is no easy answer for any of this and I am really anxious to see what the next DNA test shows for our boy Jaws, but it sure makes for some fun converstations!

  12. Pibble,
    No one knows the parents.

    Actually when you're up close to him his eyes do look like he might have Golden in there. Definitely some of his behaviors! But at the percentage quoted???? Hmmmm. And is it a suggestion now so we "see" it?

    I do wonder too what the next test will come up with. I thought he may not test positive for Golden next time as well.

    I'm glad there will be a second test. Should be interesting.

    Mary do we know when the next one will be done?

  13. BTW, Bradley's paper and book are both excellent. Hits the nail on the head.

    Gee, need to go to bed, my post above is horrible! Better hurry before I run into a cow on the way. Oh my!

  14. I believe she said the next test will be in the next week or two. He came from a local shelter as a puppy listed as a pit mix. He was originally adopted by some people who had young boys who played with him with bite sleeves (wonderful eh!!), he somehow ended up back at the shelter, I can't recall how but anyway this really wonderful lady took him in and has been working with him to try to help him to be more adoptable. She really has done wonders with him. So now...Marthina - get some sleep and watch out for any stray cattle :-)

  15. I should tell my Moose Story ;-)
    Never blow the horn.
    Just let them take their time.

    Whatever Jaws is,I hope he finds a great family.
    Do you think his ears are burning?

    I agree that these tests could be used for good purposes and I hope that is the reason for development.
    2nd test should be interesting.
    I`m going to try and be more open minded about them.

    If I owned Rental Properties,I confess...
    I would discriminate...I would only rent to responsible Pit Bull Owners.

    If I ruled the World....I would overturn the Military Breed Ban.

    Bite sleeves??
    Did he also get the name Jaws at that same house?

  16. Oh Pibble, you and me both.
    Yep, bite sleeves - macho boys trying to do bite work with him! And yes, that is where he got his name. I have my fingers crossed for him. He still has a ways to go but his foster mom is fantastic!

  17. This news will make everyone happy

    In case you haven`t see this yet.
    It`s starting to spread around the blogosphere.

    "``The measures adopted in the previous laws had no
    scientific foundation. Dangerous breeds do not exist."

    I`ll cross my paws for Jaws also.
    He needs a new name IMHO

  18. I saw this. I'm so excited. The more it gets passed around the more folks will see it and hopefully see the logic!