Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some of our Recent CGC's

We think Pit Bulls make some of the best CGCs. Many go on to be therapy dogs.
Temperament correct Pit Bulls make great therapy dogs, they just love the people-folk!
If you think your dog is ready to be CGC tested let us know and we'll check'm out.
Testing is free for Pit Bulls through Our Pack!
Here's Dulce
and Ziggy
Congrats to All,


  1. Yay! My Miso is a CGC and it always impresses people...and it's not that hard of a test to pass. Very worthwhile IMO.

  2. YAY that's my girl, Dulce!!! I never thought she'd pass because she's such a goober...

    Take advantage of this opportunity people! I never got Dulce CGC sooner because of the cost, and no one would just test her without enrolling her in classes we didn't need!


  3. Thank YOU for doing such a good job at training her. She came to us in great shape!! She's fabulous!

    You're right, we test first and if the dog passes each step then fine they get certified. If the dog doesn't pass the test and needs training to pass then we offer CGC classes on Sundays on as needed basis. It's free to find out if your dog needs training or not to pass so what the heck.

    Many dogs do need training or they won't pass and that's ok. As Stephanie said above it is easy and simple to pass IF your dog can perform the ten CGC steps(Stephanie's another wonderful dog person who's done a great job!)but if your dog has little or no training it'll definitely be difficult to pass as we're pretty tough.

    The simplicity in the test is that it's not a temperament test or a test on just the dog. It's a test on dog + owner. Does the owner have control over the dog in order for him to be a Canine Good Citizen. That's what's so cool about it. It truly puts the responsibility on the owner.

    For therapy certification there's a lot more to do in various environments. But CGC is a very good start to therapy work.

    Liz, thanks for letting us put Dulce up!

  4. I meant to add that the CGC testing/training is made possible by the Animal Farm Foundation Incentive Program. This is an awesome program for rescues/shelters etc. Check it out!!

  5. dulce...thats a funny pic!! congrats to all


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  7. I have to say, out of every dog owner, rescue group, etc. YOUR dogs
    were the most well behaved. Honestly, you set the standard for me in
    terms of the "ideal" rescue.