Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Trouble with BSL

We're going to have a name the breed contest.
With more and more cities looking at restricting pit bulls and other breeds it's very important that "someone" can accurately identify just what breed a dog is.
Here is an example of a dog who did have his DNA done.
Post your guesses

We'll post the results on Monday - maybe even a prize for the winning guess??
(No cheating now those people from our Sunday Class) :-)


  1. American Shelter Dog?

  2. I've never heard of a DNA test that is accurate, especially when testing pit bulls...

  3. Which test was used? As far as I know, the Mars Wisdom Panel is the only one that will pick up Amstaff

  4. I'm not going ot debate whether they are accurate, but if a DNA test can't accurately determine the breed, are we going to leave it up to a visual determination by people who may or may not be familiar with the breed? How can they restrict them by breed if no one can identify them?


  5. Actually DNA is very accurate. If it's a "Pit Bull" it will come up with Amstaff. There is also "unknown" terrier.

  6. The fact that these "DNA Tests" are so at odds with the physical characteristics of the dogs leads me to feel that perhaps they aren't what they are cracked up to be.
    Test my DNA to see if I'm a chimp, and orangutan, or an ape. Looks like I'm a chimp.

  7. Mine won't count since I've met him, but I'm going to say Pit Bull & Rhodesian Ridgeback. He's a VERY tall guy. :)

  8. Mary asked "but if a DNA test can't accurately determine the breed, are we going to leave it up to a visual determination by people who may or may not be familiar with the breed?"

    If you aren't using a DNA test which will test for the markers of Amstaff. then it is a bit like testing for an allergy that isn't going to register on an allergy test. You can't say that the person doesn't have the allergy because it didn't show up on the test results,

  9. Ha! I LOVE it. An ACT! Too cute


  10. He looks like an All American Goofball but the Media most certainly would tag him as pit bull if he looked at someone sideways.

    Has anyone seen this DNA test?
    It`s pretty funny.
    I think the Sheep would be confused and/or amused.
    The Company says they`ve gotten better.
    let`s hope

    There was an interesting comment on Jim Crosby`s blog a year ago about these DNA tests when he was talking about the assignment of Breed.

    "Sure, there are those new DNA tests that are being sold to “..tell you the breed makeup of your dog…”, but the genetic scientists I have spoken too generously call those tests “well marketed consumer products.” In other words in the scientific class of those late night infomercial products."

    BSL is just bizarre and no facts or Science are behind it.

  11. My uneducated guess is Vizsla/Amstaff mix - call it a Vamstaff or a Vit Bulla. I wasn't at class so I'm not cheating :)

  12. Hard to say, esp. without seeing the dog in person, and even then it's still a big question mark.
    How about a splash of Doberman or Rottie mixed with terrier? (rotten
    That cheesy grin looks mostly terrier though...

  13. You said it Pibble! He looks like one so there ya go - he does something wrong that's what he'll be period!

    Maria - you kill me! Vit Bulla??!! Vamstaff! Ha, ha, ha!!!

  14. the first picture reminds me of a visla....but its a bully breed mix of some kind and that is all that matters to the public.

    kevin r