Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What's on YOUR mind???

Reading through the various blogs out there related to pit bulls and looking through the internet it seems like things are somewhat quiet at the moment (which is not a bad thing). Soon enough MV will be out of prison so that will be the hot blog topic but for now hmmm...maybe we are all just waking up from our long winter naps and our brains are still fuzzy (ok, well mine is fuzzy)...soooo..I was thinking....what's on Your mind? What nagging questions related to pit bulls, or Our Pack would you like to talk about or ask about?
Okey dokey....what's up?


  1. Keep up the great work for one of the best breeds!!

  2. Thanks for the support and kind words Kembree!! They are awesome!

  3. I would like to help my dog with her separation anxiety. (you've heard her scream)

    I would also like for you to come up to Santa Cruz Animal Services and make an appearance! We really need you there. Sometimes I just can't make it to the classes. Plus, one of our Bullies it to obnoxious, and busted up my hand so I don't want to bring her...

    Star was adopted, by the way. Thank you for everything!

  4. Well, does anybody run into Cajun Rules advocates? When I found out what that was, I had my own say on that one:

    Always love reading your updates. It can get so discouraging seeing the news on abused dogs but rescues like this always provide that spot of hope.

  5. Liz...I'll leave the SA to Marthina but I am thrilled that little Star was adopted. She was definately a jewel!

    And GIG...I agree with reading so much discouraging stuff. I know it's so important to keep everyone aware and vigilant so that we don't let our guard down, but I guess I just like to see positive stuff too!

    Thanks for the positive feedback!


  6. GIG,
    This shows how these dogs are victims not perps of abuse! I don't even like having to defend the dogs, they're not guilty of anything. Humans run the show.

    Thanks so much for the words of encouragement and nice comments. The happy dogs in happy homes are the paycheck!

    E mail me and we'll see what's up. Congrats on Star. I'm so glad she got a home.
    We'd be happy to come out to the shelter and do a talk.

  7. In my case I have had nothing but positive encounters with others - especially when my dog is with me. I prefer this to ignorance! We were attacked by an at large Yorkie and last weekend two at large poodles charged us while walking down the street. My dog didn't bark or growl during either encounter. Maybe those dog owners need familiarize themselves with leash laws and take their dogs to classes........

  8. I just recently rescued a pitt who we have named Stella. She isnt exactly a healthy puppy, but you would never really guess. Shes emergetic, fun, playful and LOVES to cuddle. Ive only had her for 2 weeks and she has already warmed up to my fiance and I. More wrong has been done to our puppy than she could ever do to someone else. She comes from a family of fighters that just didnt take and after being abandoned she was only 1 of 6 survivors. If there is anything I could do please give me direction.