Friday, May 15, 2009

More Happy Endings

We had absolutely nothing to do with this happy ending other then having the privilege of meeting this young "Star" at our Sunday class. The wonderful volunteers at Santa Cruz animal services bring some of their shelter dogs to class to get some training to help polish them up to help find their forever home. Star was one of our favorites as well as one of theirs. Here is a link to their home page and her happy ending!
Santa Cruz County Animal Service
If you work for or volunteer for a local shelter and have a dog that you think could benefit from some extra training, send us an email at to get information about our classes or just check out our web site!


  1. Awwww I'm going to cry again!

    Maybe someone could take pics of her at class tomorrow with her new owners?! I'd love to see that posted on your site!

    Thanks for posting this, Star deserves it. Don't forget those training fliers!

  2. Liz! What the heck would we do without you! I love this enthusiasm for gettin' the fun stuff done, done, done! Gosh, you'd think you were a Pit Bull or something. (wink)