Thursday, May 28, 2009

STILL Not Listening.

Next to a beautiful picture of Dexter, Hailey and Leo taken by Leo's favorite friend Carol Guzy of the Washington Post, sits a very disappointing article about a Loudoun County Judge's ruling on not adopting out Pit Bulls. I guess Leo's work as a therapy dog, Hailey's work as a therapy dog, Dexter and his "counseling" work to help other dogs come out of their shells is all a big moot point. There are so many dogs, Pit Bulls, just like them that are now going to be put down REGARDLESS of their valor, stature, contributions and good temperament! PROOF of what these dogs can really offer not only to a family but to an entire community is falling on the deaf ears of people who do NOT wish to assess dogs as individuals and who want to continue profiling a breed of dog. Yes, it's profiling. Frankly at this point I don't feel I have to prove anything nor do our dogs! You can't prove something to someone who won't listen or watch. If one can't see the Leos, Haileys, Dexters et al of the world then deaf ears and blind eyes it is!
I really thought that we as a society had evolved further than this.
This is very sad.
Washington Post


  1. The judge is not to blame here as he is strictly interperting local law. The issue here is with the people who have created a policy that allows animal control to euthanize a certain breed, "pit bulls" without tempermant or behavior testing. They are not saying the dogs are dangerous because that would be against the specific laws there. They are saying we don't adopt these dogs out. It's strange that people lacking the revelant facts (or ignorant to put it) are put in these positions to decide what to do with these animals.

    The problem is ignorance, and what Leo and everyone else do is helping this issue, no need to get down, just get going!!


  2. The judge DID rule though.