Sunday, November 30, 2008

A Day at the Park

Hi All,

My name is Noel , that's me with my sister, she has the speckled nose, her name is Holly. we are currently guests at the Humane Society Silicon Valley where we are hoping to find a new home. I wanted to take this last day of the Thanksgiving weekend to tell everyone how thankful I am for all of the people who try and make our stay at the shelter as fun as possible. And a special thanks to the Mike and Ali for letting me go on an outing today. Today I got to go to the park with my friend Mary from Our Pack. She forgot to bring her camera so we don't have any pictures of me at the park but it was such a nice day and so much fun to get out of the shelter for part of the day, I just wanted to share some of the things I saw and did.

I haven't been for too many car rides so at first I was a little confused by everything going by so fast without me walking. I got used to it quickly though. Then we came to this place that Mary told me was the park and we were going to see lots of new dogs. There were lots of things to smell in the grass, I think they said there were gophers or something that was digging up the grass. I wanted to eat some sticks but they wouldn't let me. There were two little pups at the class and I got to demonstrate good calm manners. I got to go for a walk with a dog named Buddy who was having trouble relaxing but he seemed to do well with me. I got to meet two new friends, this is Texas.
She was calm like me and we got to go for a little walk together and they were all impressed with how well behaved I was.

Then I got to go over to Hailey's house and meet her. We went for a walk too and smelled the grass and the flowers and then I got to go and play in her back yard, There were so many good smells and the sunshine felt so good. Here's Hailey on her fancy chair thing, I'd never seen one of them but I even got to lay in it for a bit. I really liked her, she used to live at the shelter too before her mom adopted her. Now she is a Therapy dog and helps her mom with foster dogs that come to stay at her house.

Well I guess that was about it. I was pretty tired after all of the excitement and slept all the way back to the shelter. I told Holly all about it and maybe she will get to go next time if we haven't found a home yet. Thanks again to everyone who gave me this special day!


  1. This should be an example set for shelters such as the one in Houston that just put down all those Pit Bulls. It can work. Programs for Pit Bulls that offer education, training can help the community and the breed at the same time. Partnering with local and distant rescues to evaluate and take in dogs is a workable solution. It boggles my mind that someone doesn't want to even try.

  2. We do want to show that rescues can help shelters with these issues. I understand the mind boggle on the fact that someone doesn't want to try. We've had such WONDERFUL success with our bust dogs. These dogs have become therapy workers and great family companions. It IS mind boggling that someone can't just see this example and AT LEAST evaluate these dogs....just evaluate them and see....check them out individually...

  3. Noel is a lucky dog to get out of the shelter like that. Good to see. I hope he and Holly find a home. The sooner the better, the shelter can be a stressful place over time.


  4. Mary - The REAL Pit BullDecember 4, 2008 at 5:27 AM

    I just loved hearing about your adventurous day, Noel! I hope you have many more, hopefully soon with your very own person!

  5. I had Holly in my office today for some "out of kennel" time and she was hilarious! She literally raced back and forth between two chairs with her nylaring and kept coming over for hugs when she got tired of bouncing. What a delightful and silly dog!

    I do not understand why these two fabulous dogs are still at HSSV. They are lovely on a leash after just a few seconds of pulling and in general become calm after a few minutes of excitement. Yes, they are puppies and tend to have major curiosity tendencies, but if my office were more puppy friendly (ie less stacks of papers, less computer cording, no fun stuff in completely accessible trashcans), this would have been a perfectly great time.

    I think that Noel and Holly are wonderful pups and hopefully, we can get them out of the shelter to show them off more frequently. Thanks Mary for giving them some outings!