Tuesday, November 18, 2008

"These dogs are not pets".....huh????

My foster mom was reading this article today about another big fight bust and this is what she read to me:

Huge dogfighting ring broken up in Harris Co., DA says
"These dogs were bred specifically to fight," Smith said. "And they were inbred back and forth. They are not pets."
My name is Leo,

I’m sure many of you have read my story and this makes me very sad.

I think I make a very good pet. I love my mom and my sister Hailey
and my brother Dexter

and I even try to be nice to Daisy who isn’t always too thrilled to have me around but she tolerates me.

I work very hard at the Cancer Center helping the patients forget their troubles for a few minutes at a time

And I’ve even gone to school to visit some kids?

Have I done it too well? Did people forget where I came from? Didn't they learn anything from my case? I wasn’t “raised” to be a pet, but I’ve tried really hard to become a good one.

Why won’t these other dogs get the same chance? Didn't we make a difference at all?


Former Michael Vick dog, Now a loving pet. (or so I thought)


  1. LEO! I Love your post! One thing that's hard to accept is that we humans aren't too bright sometimes (you already know) and forget easily. Luckily your mom and the rest of us PB lovers are working hard to make sure folks know your story and stories like it. You just keep being a good boy....you're living proof those haters are wrong! :D

  2. Leo,

    What can you do? Just keep presenting yourself like you do and you'll change people's minds, one at a time, just ask the patients at the hospital and anyone else who had the chance to meet you.

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  4. Poor Leo! I think you are an amazing DOG.

    You are a thinking, sentient being who is capable of feeling fear, pain, hurt, sadness, but also happiness and affection! You give back tenfold to the humans in your life, and spread joy and love wherever you go. So maybe you aren't a 'pet', maybe you are something much much more!

  5. You're right I am much, much more. I'm very proud of my accomplishments. Thanks for the kudos!

  6. Amen! Leo, you are definately more than a pet. You are an angel!

    Keep doing what you do. The lives you touch every day are what truly matters. Who knows, maybe one day you'll have the opportunity to sit by the side of one of those fools who thinks "just a dog" or "vicious breed" as they recover, and you can look into their eyes and they'll know because they'll FEEL IT. They'll feel your love for them and know that you don't think they're bad because they once thought that you were "just a vicious dog".

    Maybe... and as they give you ear scritches they'll look into your eyes and say to you and for all of your canine brothers and sisters... "I'm sorry I hurt you..."

    Leo, you're amazing! As always... tell your angel Marthina to give you lots of hugs and smooches from Kat! :-)

  7. Thanks Kat for all the wonderful things you said about me and my rescue person. If a dog could have a tear, I do.

    Dreaming of those ear scritches!

  8. Leo
    Hang in there.
    You and others like you are so much more than pets.
    Nothing wrong with being a pet but Pit Bulls are holding a mirror up to humanity.
    A lot of people don`t like to take a look at themselves.
    It`s so much easier to blame others.
    When you look in a mirror you either see a kind and gentle soul looking back at you or you turn away because you hate what you see and you redirect that hatred.

    This extreme cruelty and hatred that is being directed at dogs like you has nothing to do with you and everything to do with the people who can`t bear to look in that mirror.

    One at a time Leo.
    I`ll bet that many more can pause and really look at themselves in that mirror now because of you.

    Pit Bulls are pure love.
    They will crawl into the lap of those who abuse them if their abusers will only pause to look in the mirror.

  9. Pibble Pa1 -

    Wow! Well said. Touching and SO true.

  10. Oh my gosh you guys, even though I "helped" Leo write this blog your comments are choking me up! It gives me hope, and it makes me proud to know that Leo can touch so many lives.


  11. Didn`t know what to thinkNovember 20, 2008 at 5:25 PM

    [quote]Didn't we make a difference at all?[/quote]

    Yes you made a difference Leo.

    You`ve made a lot of people start to question what they`ve heard.

    I hear your story repeated in many many places.
    I`ve heard your story in bathroom stalls.
    I`ve heard your story in Grocery lineups.
    I`ve heard your story in coffee shops.
    I`ve heard people questioning the Media mush.
    I`ve heard people say "It can`t be the way they`re raised...just look at the Vick dogs"
    I`ve heard people say "they must be just like other dogs..."

    Now it`s our turn to make a difference.

    The people who didn`t know what to think but who now question what is happening around the World to dogs like you must speak up.
    We must write to Legislators.
    We must not blindly accept these Media reports anymore.

    We must do what you can`t.
    We must speak up and make the Legislators listen to us and make them repeal these Breed Specific laws and if they don`t we must vote them out of office.

    We must demand that ALL Fight Bust dogs be seen for what they are....VICTIMS OF ABUSE and we must demand that ALL the dogs be assessed and be given a chance at adoption and that the abusers be put away for a very,very long time.

    You have made many of us sit up and pay attention Leo.

    A Fight Bust dog becomes a Therapy Dog?
    Has Disney called yet?
    If not,why not?


  12. Wow, thanks!

    What beautifully written and heartfelt blog responses. Makes me want to keep going and working toward a time when ALL profiling will end for the dogs.

  13. I swear I have goosebumps, your words touch my heart as much as knowing Leo has! Thank you to everyone from the bottom of my heart.


  14. Fan of dogs not abuseNovember 22, 2008 at 8:09 AM

    If you don`t think you made a difference Leo....pay a visit to the NFL Fan House.

    I think your abuser has lost some fans.

    You have a good life and thank your people for all they have done and are doing.

    BTW I agree that Disney should be calling.
    Don`t just work for a few dog biscuits though.

  15. Thank you Fan of Dogs for sending this.
    I am glad that people see us as victims and not criminals!!

    Thanks for the job suggestion! I really like the one I have now too. Visiting people who don't feel well is rewarding. They look over at me and something comes over their face - the pain goes away, even if it's for a moment. Then they see that I'm a Pit Bull. Then they REALLY smile!

    Happy to be and Our Pack family pet.

  16. Dear Leo,
    I'm in Houston, where the dogs are being held for trial. The SPCA here doesn't release this breed to rescue, though a few were spared among the thousand that came in during Hurricane Ike, and friends of the breed have rehomed them or have them safe in rescue. Since sharing my life with APBTs, I've seen the public go from "What kind of dog is that?" in the late 80's to crossing the street when we go for walks, even my neighbors. My own former stray Inky, CGC/TDI certified pit bull, gets a cool reception from anyone not involved in Therapy Dog programs. Just keep a smile on your face, tail wagging and prove the critics wrong through the kind, gentle actions of the true APBT, a dog as strong, generous and misunderstood as America itself!

  17. Wendy,
    Thanks for what you do! Thanks for reaching out to the dogs and for all of your help!