Monday, November 24, 2008

It's hard being a Pit Bull Parent

You've decided to bring a pit bull into your life. You have read all you can about the breed and talked to people in the know. You take him/her to training to become a breed ambassador. You don't go to the dog park but make sure that you socialize properly with other dog social friends. You've got your wiggle butt with you wherever you go and they are thrilled to meet new friends at ever turn. Strangers approach...."awe, what a cute dog, what kind of dog is it?" as they reach out to pet your friend who is sitting politely at your side ..."A Pit Bull" you proudly exclaim.....and then you get the look; eyes widen as they pull back their hand as if they were about to touch hot metal. "Aren't they viscous", "aren't you afraid he is going to TURN on you at any moment?", "they have locking jaws don't they?" and on and on and on...or they see you coming and cross the street because of course you are just waiting for the next victim to walk by so you can be in the paper as the next big story!!! But you smile, and patiently explain that most of what they hear is rumor or exageration or that the big stories on the news are often not even pit bulls. Some people listen, some just shake their heads and walk away thankful they have escaped with their lives intact. But we know how tough it is and we just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for trying, for presenting your dog in the best light possible, for loving him, for caring for him and being such good pet parents! During this Thanksgiving week, we are thankful for you! We've created the pattern above to help you with your journey, check it out at Cafe Press!


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  1. I join you guys in giving thanks this season for the wonderful APBT advocates and guardians who do the breed proud.

    And those new designs of yours are fab, I'm going to have to pick up a few of those =)