Tuesday, December 2, 2008


There was a time in this country when only whites were allowed to use public bathrooms and drinking fountains along with many other restrictions on public transit systems, in restaurants etc.

I'd like to think that we as a society are passed that now. We don't profile and generalize race and there's equal opportunity for all.... progress!

I liken the earlier profiling of the 1900s to some shelter's "solutions" I've seen in response to some recent fight busts. The solution is to euth fight bust dogs and in many cases not even fight bust dogs, just Pit Bulls which are just dogs, without even evaluating first.

Some folks don't see Pit Bulls as dogs. I'm not even talking about the everyday person that doesn't have enough info to make an educated judgment, I'm talking about the very organizations that are funded and supported to care for dogs. In some areas only certain breeds get a real chance even with people who are often at least somewhat educated in canine behavior. This has actually now become a question of human behavior because we all know in good common sense it's not the dogs fault. When someone that's responsible for the welfare of dogs puts down Pit Bulls uniformly without looking first, something is very wrong with human behavior not dog behavior because just by simple odds alone NOTHING is ALL bad. Come on!

I would like to ask if they have actually lived with a properly evaluated-as-an-individual-fight-bust-dog. Have they seen that dog flourish with proper management around their own animals and their family. Have they watched that dog learn good manners and give back to his community.

I understand it's uncomfortable to try something new where you're not sure of the outcome. BUT - That's what animal welfare is about. It's tough work and if you're interested in learning dog behavior to further help dogs YOU MUST take chances and explore to learn behavior. No learning takes place in a safe little net.

With all the recent success with the former Michael Vick dogs you would think that someone would think twice - hmmmm,maybe I should just check this guy out first before.........you know...... ????????????

Yep, gotta have balls folks or you're not gonna save a rats behind. You have to stick your neck out everyday to help. I see rescues do SO much hard work on a shoestring and the wonderful volunteers that give their valuable time to help those that help the dogs. I see more guts in our Pit Bull dogs than I do in some of the people that "care" for them.

On the same note, I'd like to say THANK YOU to L. A. for taking 5 dogs form a bust and putting them into rescue......thank you for letting them on the bus!

Yes, a lot of work....I have a dream that it's not all for not.



  1. I share your dream Marthina.

  2. Hello, Our dog trainer forwarded my link to your blog. She knew I would be interested. The second love of my life is a Brindle Pit Bull. We recently began our own blog: riddicksroost.blogspot.com Keep up the good work!

  3. it is unfortunate when places blanket euthanize a certain breed because it just keeps the perpertual message of "something is wrong with this breed". it reinforces a sterotype against the dog making people less likely to adopt/give them a chance, leading to more of them languishing in shelters. it's a PR battle so keep up the good PR ourpack!!


  4. Anon, thanks!

    Riddick, nice blog post. I commented.

    Kevin, I couldn't agree with you more on the ripple effect of the blanket euth!

  5. I know you've already "heard" this, but I feel it's something that I'd like to say again here.

    I LOVED it Marthina! And I especially enjoyed this line here... thank you for letting them on the bus!

    You know... I am Native American. We were once considered a savage people. To see how my people were suppressed for SO long and how they have risen above to make our tribes prosperous and proud...

    I believe it's possible for people to wake up and see the error of their ways... it's just a matter of finding the right way to make them see how off kilter their thinking truly is.

    Kudos to you for posting this chica!

    ~ Kat :-)

  6. Mary - The REAL Pit BullDecember 4, 2008 at 5:26 AM

    Way to go, Marthina. You rock. I am so tired of the stereotypes, the breedism, the refusal to see a dog as an individualliving, feeling, breathing being, with his own unique personality and silly & loving ways. We MUST stand up for our dogs, we MUST tear down the walls that seperate Pit Bulls from 'other dogs'. We owe it to their dear hearts.

  7. Thanks guys, I agree, the dogs need a voice. They have no defense, no trial, no rights. I'm not saying that some dogs are not adoptable due to being damaged, I just ask to look first. I'm sure I'm repeating myself but I think it should be until it's heard.

  8. Marthina, I've been wanting someone to draw the parallel between racism and breedism for FOREVER! Plus also bring to light the truth that, yes, MANY organizations that purport to act in the best interests of animal welfare are actively Pro-Breed Specific Legislation (which entails the mass euthanasia and banning of pitbulls/pitbull-esque dogs from specific geographic regions).
    Among those breedist animal welfare agencies is PETA. Just for everybody's FYI (http://www.peta.org/about/hottopic007.asp).
    I'm glad you're brave enough to repeat yourself to ensure people are hearing this.

  9. This is all too sad and true! But, with our efforts dawns a new day! Its hard, teadious work but very worthwhile. Sometimes I wish it would go faster or be easier but prejudices are very deep and unfortunately disturbing attitudes that can take generations to change. We are on the fore front of that all important change. Thanks so much for spearheading the way to a brighter, sanier less disturbing future for us all. Woof! Woof! The dogs thank you too!!! Mike

  10. I couldn't agree more. I volunteer with a dog rescue (and while I would never give it up because I do it to help the dogs and not to gain approval from the people), the volunteers sometimes drive me nuts with their narrow-mindedness. They are so quick to judge the owner of a misbehaved chihuahua, but any dog that has "pit" in it should've never been born because they're terrifying monsters afterall! I find your comparison of breedism to racism especially remarkable because I have noticed that this same group of people is at first always more suspicious of potential adopters that are not your typical White American middle-class family. It saddens me to see people I consider friends so terrified of things outside their realm of understanding, but it is also interesting to see the correlation between all the 'isms out there. Thank you for proving how wrong it is to make assumptions!