Friday, November 30, 2012

Media and Pit Bulls

We have had the good fortune of great media surrounding our dogs in recent years. Most reputable reporters will check quotes with us for accuracy and have no intention of throwing pit bulls under the bus or any other breeds, to "defend" pit bulls, under the bus either.
However, once in a blue moon, unfortunately, we still see reporters trying to make a career for themselves or help sell their paper by misquoting or twisting statements to turn the pit bull image into something it isn't.
This is a photo of Posie. She's our spokesdog for our, Don't Judge, Learn campaign. She looks like what most folks would call a pit bull. Without meeting her, knowing her or taking in a full view of her personality, many things can be said to defame her and a breed that she may, or may not, even be... Well, without media hype she is a dog and family member.
Thank you for supporting our page so we can continue to represent the dogs, factually, without being misquoted, and with correct representation. Please share!
Also, see National Canine Research Council for ACCURATE info and also see Our Pack's article, The Truth About Pit Bulls


  1. I agree with you. Pit bulls are just as lovable as other dog breeds.

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