Saturday, August 4, 2012

Training tip:
Getting lots of calls and e mails about this lately -Puppy play biting.
Puppy biting is normal. Puppies in their early months should bite when they are young, to learn how to bite softly as an adult. They also learn proper s...
ocial skills from each other by play biting and wrestling.
A yelp will let the pup know that a bite hurts. This is what pups do with each other to signal the one biting to soften his bite. To be able to keep playing, he will soften his bite. Thus he learns that if his mouth is soft, fun continues and if his mouth is hard then the game ends.
If your pup is play biting and bites too hard, give a yelp. If that doesn’t work then give a louder Ouuuch! and just leave the room. End all play at that time for several seconds then return.
After teaching him to soften the bite, teach him not to exert any pressure at all while biting. This way he will use only a gentle mouth as an adult. Be sure to have lots of chew toys available and direct him to the chew toys as well when needed.
If you are concerned or feel that you need more assistance the best thing to do is to hire a trainer to come and help you or enroll in a class near you. Getting advice over the internet for concerning behavior is not the best way to help your dog. Trainers are far more helpful when they can actually see the dog. This training tip is a general tip for young pups with normal play biting behavior. If you feel you need assistance, hire a trainer from this list in your zip code:

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