Monday, April 22, 2019

Our Pack, Inc. began with advocating for pit bulls in 2006. We worked on cases like the Michael Vick case, taking a dog named Leo from that case who became a therapy dog and changed many people’s minds about pit bulls.

When we started our rescue and advocacy programs, there were so many misunderstandings, not only surrounding pit bull type dogs, but surrounding dogs in general. Much has changed for pit bull dogs since then, fortunately.

Although manifested differently, we’re finding similar threads of misunderstandings with bunnies. Their diets, housing (most pet stores will advise you to buy cages that are far too small) and what their behaviors mean.  Also, many people don’t realize what sensitive and feeling beings bunnies are.

Dogs and cats have much more advocacy then they've had in the past. Not that they don't still need it but they have much more than rabbits do.

Education as well as spay/neuter services can lower the numbers of surrenders to shelters and over population of dogs and cats. We believe that providing similar public assistance to bunny owners will slow the amount of bunnies being surrendered to shelters and from being abandoned on the streets.

There are people that have come to us needing help with a bunny they’ve found, we’ve given hay if they need it and advice on bunny care. We have also given assistance by providing help with spay/neuter.

Bunnies are loving, feeling animals that need love, care, and happy homes to live in.  We’re here to help new or current bunny people in any way that we can to facilitate the life-long bond between bunny and human.

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Marthina McClay, CPDT-KA 
Founder, Our Pack, Inc.
Dog Trainer; Behavior Specialist
Licensed House Rabbit Society Educator                                                           

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