Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Speaking of Training

Speaking of Training....and Management

This is Dawn one of our wonderful students who brought her sassy, starting to be leash reactive Pit Bull pup to class. Wooooo hoooo was he a goofy-pants!

Patiently Dawn started work her lil guy in our classes. He came around very quickly. At first he didn't really get this being quiet and not staring at all the dogs in class stuff.

After a while though he began to realize how nice it is to go to class and have fun without being a big dweeb.

Tyeson has grown since then a bit and now we see a more mature, handsome, VERY well behaved teenager. This is so rewarding for all of us, especially Tyeson. He's actually so much happier having Dawn as a leader to show him the ropes and he's much more calm walking on his leash nicely around other dogs.

Dawn also has applied much of the management techniques and continues to manage him around her other animals at home. Here's a video of Tyeson and his sister cat.
Note: these animals have been properly introduced over a period of time and know each other well. They know each other's limits and most importantly Dawn is a good manager. We love you Dawn!! Keep up the good work.
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  1. This is what we do at my home too. We are all happy to be able to live in a mixed home environment (dogs and cats). And yes, we get to share treats peacefully, all six of us. I'm proud to be a Twinkerson

  2. OMG, I am so sending this to my cat-owning brother who STILL thinks my pit bulls are going to eat me...

  3. Thanks Twink. It's so much about good management! Chemistry between dogs is really important too. Some dogs want to be the only dogs but so often with good management things can work out smoothly.

    Em, maybe Pit Bulls just want to eat your brother! LOL

  4. I love it. It reminds me of our own home. I too have a Maine Coon that thinks he should be included when giving out treats.

    All my dogs are taught the cats are our friends but with any dog, please use common sense with your own pack. This video is beautiful example of a well trained dog and cat. KUDOS to Dawn.