Sunday, February 21, 2010

Daddy Dies at age 16

There are varying opinions about Cesar Milan's method of training dogs. But whether or not you agree with Cesar or not his dog Daddy was awesome and a great ambassador for the breed.
RIP Daddy.
Here's the article.


  1. I know I'm totally devastated. RIP Daddy.

  2. It's true - whether you agree with Cesar or not, Daddy was one awesome dude. Rest in peace, big guy.

  3. Daddy was a special guy! He brought calm to other dogs by just being Daddy! We will miss you old friend. We will all meet on the Rainbow Bridge some day. Lucy Baines, my Stafordshire, is my joy. She and I would sit and watch Daddy work on the TV. She will miss him too! Miss and love you Daddy. Rest now!