Monday, February 15, 2010

Annie and Training

We think training for dogs should start very young. Socialization should start as early as possible and is just as important if not more than training. Here's Annie about 5 months old at training even with a handicap. She was hit by a car before coming to the shelter and as a result one of her front legs unfortunately had to be amputated. Annie is now being fostered and she's in good spirits in this video working with her wonderful foster dad who's volunteerd from Humane Society Silicon Valley to take her to Our Pack classes to give her the best start possible on good manners and leash skills around other dogs. Better to prevent behaviors now rather than correct them later!.
Annie ended up stealing the show with her fancy hot pink coat and of course her post surgery e collar (ya know, they're really more like lampshades). Her face is adorable poking out of the lampshade!


  1. I am terribly sorry about Annie's accident. I have three working legs myself and once I got used to that, there's no stopping me. You too, Annie. The fourth leg is just for show. Don't worry about it. Life is beautiful :)

  2. How sweet Twink, thanks so much for the words of encouragement!