Friday, July 10, 2009

Surviving Cancer - Gettng Through The Muck

I recently had a conversation with one of the patients that Leo visited at the Palo Alto Medical Foundation Treatment Center in Mountain View. Thank you Ruth for being such an inspiration and an advocate for what these dogs can do.

Here is an excerpt from that conversation:
"Having cancer opened so many doors for me. You get through the muck then you realize what you have and what you can do.

I think surviving cancer is in the same realm as what Leo's (former Michael Vick dog) life was like. Going through the muck and coming out the other side. Leo and I are survivors, getting through what you have to get through and having the courage to go on.

As a former patient at the cancer treatment facility I can say that Leo brings so much joy during treatment. You're going through the treatments in order to survive and your just joyful and uplifted to have him visit you. He's so gentle and sweet. Just petting him takes you out of where you are. He makes me feel so good. He makes people smile and it's just a great feeling.

Thank you Our Pack for taking something out of a negative and putting it into positive, just like I did with cancer."

Ruth Adams
Cancer survivor & Leo's patient

There was a very large bust recently. In the wake of that, I don't want to forget the value, love, good energy and hope that could be buried under that "muck" as Ruth put it. Please pass it along to get help for these victims just as Leo got help and is now helping others.

Humane Society of Missouri has the story about this huge fight bust.



  1. Such beautiful sentiment! And try. Ruth and Leo both are amazing and inspirational.

  2. Ruth is such an amazing person. Talking to her is very inspiring. Her lessons learned from such a horrible disease that she beat makes her such a hero. She's so beautiful in this picture, full of life and happiness.
    Her and Leo hit it off right away. She just fell for him madly and he fell for her.

  3. Survivors know each other when they meet. We all have had to survive something and we should keep that in mind as we go through life. We should have learned not to judge so quickly when we meet a person or a dog.
    I met Princess the Pit last weekend - she was off leash (shame shame owners) and just wanted to play - everyone (but me and my husband) was freaking out because she was a Pit. She shouldn't have been off leash but you could see she had good temperment. If she'd been a Dachshund no one would have been concerned - although they should be =)

  4. Good point Maria.
    Hope Princess got home ok!

  5. Her family was there - they were just a little clueless. Dogs weren't allowed at the resort.

  6. Hmmmm, maybe we need to start a dog resort!

  7. Very nice reminder about hardship and struggle and emerging through it all.

  8. Ruth and Leo are true survivors and both have such gentle souls. You are both a blessing and inspiration to all of us.
    What a beautiful picture of Ruth and Leo!