Thursday, July 30, 2009

Another World...and The Folks Who Change It

There is an animal control and shelter in Georgia out in a small neck of the woods called Washington Wilkes County Animal Control & Shelter. Gloria Wheatley and her family, including her granddaughter Amy, and volunteers Bonnie and Del Branch, and their daughter Grace Ann, are at the shelter nearly every day working. They have numerous dog walkers who devote several hours each week to spending time with their dogs. They all have worked hard for many years to change the world for the animals in their community through this shelter.

This girl here they were calling Beauty:

Beauty was taken from a dogfighting bust a while back along with many other dogs. Gloria et al took nine of the dogs in the case, but the grand jury failed to indict. The dogs, of course, were returned to the owner. There was no other choice. Shortly after that, the owner was arrested on drug charges. He still remains in jail to this day.

This was before the 2008 Georgia dogfighting law was enacted. Gloria says, "Since then, law enforcement and the district attorney have been most helpful and intent on doing an excellent job of protecting these animals. We are just a small shelter, with a few devoted people trying to make a difference."

A small shelter that works tirelessly taking dogs to schools to educate children and adults in their community on the humane treatment of animals. They take abused dogs in week after week, watching as they transform from shut-down dogs to outgoing dogs that learn to love life because of all of the good handling and wonderful attention given by this shelter.

The next girl you see here is Peachy. She is from the "new world" in Georgia. She was also taken from a recent dogfighting bust. Peachy's case is still open at the time of this writing, BUT, since Beauty's case, the world has changed for Pit Bulls, and apologies have been made to Gloria and her staff for what they all went through. Peachy and other Pit Bulls like her have a much better chance at a new life now.

Now, in Peachy's case, all are working to convict. This owner surrendered his dogs, so Gloria was able to give both of these beautiful girls to Our Pack. We are waiting to hear the outcome of the case in August, and in the meantime our girls are getting walks, training, and play with children and other dogs.

Beauty will go to schools here to share her wonderful soul with young people and to show them the love that she's capable of giving, regardless of her past. Even though her previous "owners" weren't capable of the same. Here is Beauty playing with her new doggie friend Bullet

Peachy will train for CGC and therapy work.
We will keep you posted on their progress. Check back for updates on these two girls.

Gloria, her family and those devoted volunteers continue to help their community and the animals in it. The circle back is that they are creating another world from their little neck of the woods, not just for our dogs, but the people who grow up there and learn what humanity is and what heart is. When our girls arrived, I could tell immediately that they had the best handling that humans could offer. I could see that Gloria and all there loved these dogs like they were their own. Thank you all for saving the lives of our beautiful new girls and making another world for our dogs. We are so happy to have these dogs in our program! They will give back to you no doubt. Many thanks, Our Pack crew, Our Pack dogs, Peachy and Beauty.

— Marthina


  1. it would be great if all scumwads arrested for cruelty charges surrendered the dogs so they don't have to stay in limbo and can find new owners This is a wonderful story, as always from OP. Sweet sweet video

  2. Great to read this story. Georgia is behind the times on some laws and its good to hear they updated dogfighting statues last year (I wasn't aware of that and lived there at the time). Good job Washington Wilkes staff and volunteers!!

  3. Thanks for commenting guys. I think this shelter is awesome. If you met these girls you would just fall in love right away. They are good dogs and they got great handling while in this shelter's care.

  4. So sweet after all they've been through.

  5. We've changed Beauty's name to Georgia. She seems to like it :) It's hard to believe she has been thru so much. She's so gentle and sweet. Her favorite thing to do is snuggle on the couch and watch TV.

  6. Thanks Noelle for your good care for our girl!

  7. Bonnie Branch, Washington-Wilkes Animal ShelterAugust 4, 2009 at 6:55 AM

    Thank you Marthina for the awesome blog!!! Beauty and Peachy will forever be in our hearts and we are so thankful that we were able to save them from a life of torment and abuse and we are thankful to ya'll for continuing the efforts we started. We will never stop fighting for the safety of this breed nor will we stop our efforts in bringing an end to the cruel "sport" of dog fighting.
    I hope you can come to Washington sometime and meet the rest of our bullies.
    Thanks again for all the wonderful work you do.

  8. Bonnie-
    Thank YOU for all that you do everyday! These dogs are wonderful, wonderful dogs. Thank you for giving them such excellent care and handling. It's evident.

    I would love to come out and see you and your dogs. One day when I'm in that area.........

    Maybe someday we won't have to work toward getting people to NOT abuse dogs.

    Thanks again for all that you do for so many!!

  9. Wow! What a touching story! My hat is off to the folks in Georgia and I can't wait to meet those two big hunks of love, Peachy & Georgia.

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    Thank you for your post, it gives me a big help.