Monday, February 16, 2009

Wasn't Anyone Listening?

Today is a very sad day for pit bulls.
Looks like the HSUS was better at getting their fear message across to this judge. This is how they spend their donations? They put how many man hours into the arrest of this guy, and for what, to euthanize the dogs that they "saved"
'Seized dogs to be euthanizedby StaffSuperior Court Judge Ed Wilson ordered this morning that 127 pit bulldogs seized in a Dec. 10, 2008 raid in Wilkes County be euthanized. The dogs were seized at Wildside Kennels on Mertie Road near Millers Creek. The judge heard arguments from several individuals in Wilkes Superior Court, including representatives form the Humane Society of the United States and the prosecutor, that the dogs would pose a threat if adopted into families. Members of several animal advocacy groups, as well as individuals, had asked to be allowed to adopt the dogs. The ownership of the dogs was awarded to the county when the owner of Wildside Kennels, Ed Faron, 61, of Mertie Road failed to pay the county for the care of the animals. Faron was sentenced to 8 to 10 months in prison last week after pleading guilty to 14 counts of felony dog fighting.­ Donni Juan Casanova, 18, was given a suspended sentence of six to eight months after entering a guilty plea of to one count of felony dog fighting. Casanova is the adopted son of Faron. The third defendant in the case, Amanda Grace Lunsford, 25, was sentenced this morning to 45 days, suspended for 24 months of supervised probation. She entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals'

Obviously the success of the Michael Vick dogs doesn't mean anything. Yep HSUS, this dog here is way too dangerous, just look at the fear he generates!

A fluke they say? What about Zoe here from a Missouri Fight Bust - A Certified Therapy dog lounging on her couch where she lives with two other dogs?

Or this one from an AZ bust who is also a Certified Therapy dog who lives happily with another pit bull?

I'm sad, just very very sad.


  1. Just keep putting the word out about HSUS and PeTA.
    Keep putting out the Leo videos.
    Keep telling his story and all the other great dogs.
    People must post links to these success stories every chance they get.

    HSUS and PeTA must be brought to their collective knees via lack of funds.

    They are evil and I believe that most people are donating to them because they DON`T know the truth about these organizations.

    Your sadness is more than understandable but Leo and the others have made a difference and they will continue to make a difference.

    And these puppies and dogs that they are about to slaughter will also make a difference because HSUS is going to hear from people from around the World about this.

    It`s one thing to put dogs down AFTER assessment if they don`t pass or if there is no place for them to go,this is a whole different matter.

    People need to write and phone and keep on writing and phoning and they need to spread the DON`T DONATE TO PeTA or HSUS message far and wide.

    Where are all these idiotic celebrities who "care" about animals now??

  2. Writing letters and making phone calls is the way to go. It has to be unacceptable and an outrage.

    There's been so many successful cases to prove that these dogs should be evaluated and given a chance!

  3. Really... I don't know what's more disturbing and sickening to me at this very moment. The fact that these dogs were never even given a chance, even after all that the Vick dogs SHOWED to the American people, along with the many other bust dogs that are now certified therapy dogs. Or the fact that dog fighting and animal cruelty STILL goes unpunished.

    "Faron was sentenced to 8 to 10 months in prison last week after pleading guilty to 14 counts of felony dog fighting.­"

    Donni Juan Casanova, 18, was given a suspended sentence of six to eight months after entering a guilty plea of to one count of felony dog fighting.

    The third defendant in the case, Amanda Grace Lunsford, 25, was sentenced this morning to 45 days, suspended for 24 months of supervised probation. She entered a guilty plea to a misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals'

    That's a joke right? I seriously feel sick right now.

  4. This is SICKENING. HSUS is not interested in working as a team with other orgs to help Pit Bulls. They aren't interested in doing what's right for Pit Bulls. They are only interested in 'being right', and since they've been preaching for years that fight bust dogs should all die, they cannot change their stance since the Vick case and admit to having been 'wrong'. I cringe with anger when I even see the letters "HSUS" or here Goodwin's name (ugh, it hurts just to type that!)

  5. certainly seems counter intuitive... HSUS advocates for animal rights and welfare and does not want to give over 100 animals behavior assessment and would just rather euthanize them? it's puzzling....i see similarities to the war on drugs....rather than admitting failure to longstanding policy just practice denial and maybe people will still believe you anyway.....


  6. The most frustrating thing is the general public still thinks that when they donate to these organizations they are helping to "save" animals. But this is the reality! We must continue to keep the positive news out there. We MUST keep up the battle to give animals a fair chance! At the very least they deserve an evaluation to determine their adoptability and give those who are able and willing the opportunity to help. We can't give up!

  7. No one can argue with positive images. Although some certainly deny and ignore it!

  8. They`re the same people who think Blacks and Jews and .... well you know.
    They have just redirected that prejudice,bias and hatred towards these dogs and their owners.
    That`s acceptable apparently.
    PeTA members recently appearing in KKK garb made it pretty clear.
    I wonder when HSUS members will start sporting the same uniform.

  9. Sometimes when you take one step forward you have to take two steps back. I believe the tide has been turning slowly and steadily. Yes, this case is awful but sadly there will be other chances to prove the Vick dogs that were saved weren't a fluke. Luckily Our Pack isn't alone in the fight.

    Honestly I encounter more people that know Pit Bulls for the wonderful dogs they are than I do uninformed, media fed individuals that don't actually have any first hand experience with Pits. I see that as a huge plus! We all have to keep plugging along with a positive message to win people over - even if it is one at a time.

  10. BTW - after further research it looks like it's not over yet! Hopefully the planned protest will pressure the judge to evaluate his ruling.

  11. I agree with PibblePal. The primary reason these organizations thrive financially is because folks don't know they advocate euthanasia for fight bust dogs or believe pet ownership is evil. If this information were to come out on a broad, credible spectrum it would likely hurt their bottom line. We need to keep doing what we do best and get the word out as much as possible.

  12. Comments over at BadRap say they`ve been euthanized.
    One is by Ken Foster

  13. They were destroyed

    WILKESBORO - Wilkes County Animal Control destroyed 146 pit bulls yesterday, following an order issued Monday by Superior Court Judge Ed Wilson Jr.....

    Anyone donating to HSUS after this should be ashamed of themselves.

  14. I can't even say how sad and disgusted I feel. This is so heartbreaking and after everything......

  15. This may help.
    Leo has some new competition.
    Roo Yori`s Hector is the newest Therapy dog.
    Leo better get moving on some new fancy videos with great music if the Wallace Videos are any indication of what will be coming up.

  16. My heart is breaking tonight. HSUS has way too much power and influence. The judge doesn't have a heart. One step forward, 2 steps back. Our voice has to be louder than HSUS and someday it will be, 1 pit bull at a time.

  17. on the Best Friends blog, someone suggests contacting Ellen de Generes and urging her to reject the HSUS award she's scheduled to receive...

    They really need to be exposed

  18. I just blogged about this....reminiscing about Mr. Pacelle's earlier urgings to put the Vick dogs down.

  19. This is very sad indeed. I can't say I understand what's going on with HSUS. How is urging the killing of victimized dogs and innocent puppies humane?

  20. We just can't be quiet about this!! We must somehow get the word out, one blog at a time if that's what it takes, write to Ellen, Best Friends, post comments on everyone's blogs, post on your Facebook and My Space accounts. People really need to understand what their donations are paying for. Be respectful and accurat but this is just so wrong on so many levels.

  21. This truly is heinous. I can't help but wonder if things would have turned out differently for these poor dogs if Faron would have held the celebrity status that Vick does? So sad... RIP pups. You did not die in vain.

  22. I don't know. The picture of Zoe above is from a non celebrity fight bust, but that judge paid attention to the judge in the Vick case and went against the grain and decided to give those dogs a chance. Although Faron wasn't the celebrity in the sense of Vick, he is very well known in Pit Bull Circles, which may be why they decided to make an example out of him and his dogs? Certainly the jail time is less than MV got. HSUS tried to have the MV dogs put down too as too dangerous, too big a risk..well that didn't turn out to be the case. THey couldn't take the chance to be wrong again, and I have no doubt they put immense pressure on the judge in this case...just my opinion.

  23. I talked to Roo last night and we both felt so proud about our wonderful Leo and Hector. The people that observed Hector said that they were so impressed with him. Leo has gotten the same comments from patients, staff and public that see him work. These dogs have SO much to offer!!!
    And Pibble Pal, we're working on some snazzy stuff for our handsome man Leo!! Thanks!

  24. Caveat: I don’t support dog fighting or abusive breeders or owners.

    Why did it take three years of investigation to arrest this “evil fight dog breeder“? Why wait until the stepson is 18 and can be charged as an adult? Why charge the girlfriend with baiting? Why the lenient jail time? Why claim that born in custody puppies need to be re-trained before they could be adopted? Why the lack of facts in this case? Why is HSUS recommending the killing of puppies? There are too many whys in this case. I will reserve judgment on this breeder till the full story is known.

    If a breeder sells a dog to a dog fighter, dose that justify the wholesale slaughter of all the dogs a breeder possesses?

    Is the real agenda the systematic extermination of Pit Bulls at any cost? You know those baby killers that can turn on you at anytime. Those devil dogs that have no business to be in a civilized society. I read posts all the time by so-called dog experts that claim they would never own a Pit Bull because they are too unpredictable and dangerous. Only highly trained and experienced owners should own these dogs because they are too much trouble and dangerous.

    Anyone that has owned a Pit Bull knows how great and loving they are. Why would we own a dog that was so politically incorrect if they were bad?

    The charges and subsequent Guilty Pleas smells of entrapment and coercion. Plead guilty of a lesser crime or your child and his girlfriend go to jail. It looks like they had a weak case and used coercion and the Court system to exterminate dogs they deemed socially unacceptable. Their true agenda fulfilled.

    Arrest and exterminate all large Pit Bull breeding establishments first, then smaller breeders will get the clear message that they will be next. End result, eventual extinction of the Pit Bull breed by breeder attrition.

    Don’t support HSUS and help change unfair animal laws or breed specific legislation.


  25. Yes, I do think people are listening. Just not the one's in that part of the country. It is sad that their lack of the correct information or bias towards "the wrong expert opinions" swayed them to make the wrong decision. It is sad in so many ways. Our work, our hopes and our efforts are not for not, without them there it would be much sadder, for that I am sure!

  26. This little hero Pibble with a sad ending needs more of a tribute than he got in the Mainstream Media so I thought I`d post his story.
    They covered the story but of course they buried Pit Bull further down in the story and they`re practically choking on the word in the video preferring to use dog,pooch,pup.
    Hope you don`t mind me posting the link to


  27. A tribute to the fallen dogs at Wildside Kennels, may they rest in peace.