Sunday, February 8, 2009

Introducing Raven (or Confessions of a couch potato)

HI EVERYONE! My name is Raven, I'm available for adoption and I admit it...I do love the couch, I especially love being on the couch if there is a person on it with me!

Some of the ladies from Our Pack came and got me from the Hayward Shelter, and I've been living with my foster dad now for about a month and they say I'm ready for adoption..I hope that means I get a couch of my own. I spent the night at my foster auntie Mary's last night and she let me share the couch with her, and even let me have some time on it by myself.

I do like to play and I'm very respectful of my playmates. I've met a cat at my aunt Mary's house. So far I've only smelled her and actually she looks a little scary when she gets all puffy but Mary seems to think with some time and patience we might get along just fine. Everyone says I am a very sweet girl. I really love everyone I meet, big people, little people, men, women. They tell me I have to learn not to put my feet on everyone, but I really just want to get up in their laps and be as close as I can. I am about 2-3 yrs old. They don't know for sure and a lady doesn't talk about her age. I love to go for long hikes and I do really well at ignoring other dogs when we are walking. I'm still working on not pulling when I'm on my leash because I'm still very excited to get out and go but I'm getting better or at least that's what my foster dad tells me ( I thought I did fine all along).

Here I am with one of my little friends, he was really a cool kid and I loved hanging around with him.

And here is a picture of my profile...I think I'm quite magnificent looking, I weigh just under 50lbs and need to put on just a few more pounds and then I'll have that perfect girlish figure

So, this is me! I hope you'll want to learn more about me and maybe give me that forever couch! If you're interested you can contact to find out more details and maybe get to know me even better!


  1. Wow, Raven you're a magnificent creature. What a doll!

  2. raven you are a 10 out of 10, hope you find a good forever home.


  3. Oh Raven you are such a lovely girl!

    I would share my couch with you anytime...only I have quite an assortmant of couch potatoes of my own already. You deserve your own couch with your own forever person I think.


  4. There seems to be a long love affair with Pits and couches - we call ours "Couch Pit-tato".

  5. Having meet this wonderful creature, I can attest to what an incredible love she is. Whoever chooses her, will be the luckiest of them all!

  6. Raven joined us on our hike approximately one week after settling in with her foster dad, George. I must RAVE about RAVEN... she is a doll, exceptionally sweet, absolutely gorgeous & was extremely well-behaved around the other dogs. The other mom's who were there with their own canine companions, said the same... in fact, more than one of us were smitten! She really adores people! Once again, if I didn't have four of my own, I would bring her home in a heart beat!

  7. Ha, I love it. Couch "PIT" tato! Cute.

    Raven has everyone Ravin' for sure. She is truly in love with people.When we first met her she instantly crawled up in my lap. No sniff time!

  8. Raven -- YOU SO SEXY! ;) I'm sure you'll find your forever home soon. XOXO