Saturday, February 21, 2009

Couch Taters Part Deux

OK, Time for happy pics. Raven's Blog generated so many pictures from other Couch Potatoes so I thought I'd share some of them here.

Here's the same couch but a small potato

and then a baby spud with her buddy spud

How about a Choco Potato

Or the original Couch Pit-Ato - Moo

Here's a Pile - O - Pitatos

And then there's the acrobatic-contortionist couch pitato

Yessireeeee.. just look at all these scary pit bulls (and wanna bees)'re couches and pillows will not be safe.....beware - scary scary stuff!!


  1. Run!!!! Your pillows and cushions are not safe with a Pit Bull in your home.

  2. Obviously they`re just trying to lull you into a false sense of security.
    I mean look at the disguise on that first one.
    He`s obviously the look out.

    2nd one
    Do they really think that cute innocent routine will last longer than a lifetime?

    3rd one
    Double bed
    What happened to his/her partner?
    Foul play?

    Looks inebriated
    That`s never a good sign

    Obviously the 2 on top were trying to take out the one on the bottom,got tired and decided to take a nap before they resumed.
    Let`s see the NEXT that series.

    Poor role model

    Who do they think they`re kidding?

    Would I want that crew in my house,let alone my neighborhood?

    Only if I wanted to die laughing.

  3. here's the REAL story behind that 6th and final / inebriated Couch Pitato picture...

    After nearly a week of watching his family splish-splashing in the river, Gilbert FINALLY mustered up enough courage that day to discover that he actually DID know how to swim after all. And he turned out to be quite the 'North American Steelhead Brindlefish' at that!

    He was completely 'spent' by the end of that day. In fact, if I recall, he may have even remained on the couch in that very same position for most of the next day as well.

    The epitome of a sofa spud for sure...

  4. Pibble, you're SO funny. Maria, you cracked me up.

    Love the comments!!

    These dogs are just the best. So gregarious, curious, courageous and just down clownish.....ok and just downright lazy too. It shows in all the pics.

  5. Not buying that Gilbert excuse.
    I still think he`s had a few nips.
    I`ve looked like that before and it wasn`t from swimming all day.

    "Pibble, you're SO funny."
    I`ve been swimming

    BTW good news out of Canada.
    Importing "dangerous" pit bulls from BSL areas
    may help to reduce dog bites to an all time low.

    That`s my take on this story and I`m sticking to it.