Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Vick Dog Updates

Although we love to brag about Leo and all of his therapy exploits with cancer patients and kids at risk, there are other MV dogs out there and we'd love to see how they have come through the past year.
Animal Planet has a new show that will premier this Sunday August 24th. Here is a link to check out their preview page: Animal Witness
Leo and Our Pack will appear at some point as well as other dogs we have heard about in the news. The show should highlight the case and what has happened to the dogs since they were taken. I have no doubt there will be some graphic footage which may be hard for some viewers to watch, but the case is so important and has impacted how other fight bust dogs are viewed. These dogs were given an unprecedented chance to live normal lives. Have they succeeded?
Of course there are those that worry how they will be portayed. There is that fine line of showing them as viscious fighters or just teddy bears on the other end of the spectrum. There is so much more to these dogs, just as there are with all dogs. There are variations within the breed. Not all retrievers can retrieve, not all Labs can be seeing eye dogs, not all fighting dogs are good fighters. They are not the dog for everyone, but that is also true with every breed. Everyone thinking of getting a dog should do as much research as possible on whatever breed they are looking at. My hope is this will be an accurate view of what happened to THESE Dogs and that maybe just maybe in the future other dogs found in similar situations (and sadly it will happen) can be viewed and evaluated as individuals.
I'll keep my fingers crossed!


  1. I saw the preview for this show as I lay on my bed, cuddled with my own pit, Yankee. I debated whether or not to watch the show, as just the commercial made me so angry I cried. But I probably will watch, if just out of support for all of you out there with the kind and gentle hearts who love and nurture these dogs. Love your blog and thank you for showing the other side of these dogs that the media fails to show.

  2. Thanks for the supportive comment Jenn.

    I know what you mean, what happens to some dogs is truly heartbreaking.

    We do want to continue to show what pit bulls really are....family companions.

  3. I have been following this blog page since the beginning. Each story is inspiring and heartbreaking, at the same time. Please keep the stories coming.

  4. You and Leo were AWESOME! Great job, congrats.

    The rest of the show pretty much sucked. WAYYYYYY too much PETA, HSUS and completely unnecessary footage of dogfighting. And completely ignoring the other groups involved was a shame (though at least they ID'ed OURPACK)

    It needed much more about the dogs now.

  5. emilys,

    I agree. Though I think it was a very important show, more should have been shown about how great the dogs are doing now.
    And yes, the other groups do need to be exposed more. I know how difficult that can be.
    Also, the REAL HERO is the detective on the case, almost forgotten about. HE was the true savior as I wouldn't even have my darling Leo to go out and help others in the community if it weren't for him!

    Thanks for the kind words Emily!!

  6. Leo looked sooooo wonderful!! The majority of the show was so difficult to watch - I went from sad to angry to repulsed to angry again. But the last 20 minutes with you and the gang at Bad Rap made it a happy ending. Great work Marthina! Great work Leo!!
    (and Happy National Dog day!!)

  7. Thanks Anna!

    We are very proud of Leo as well as our dogs from other raids that are also therapy dogs!
    Leo's definitely no exception to the rule, he is the rule.
    Many of these dogs can be therapy dogs.
    Thanks for the kind words Anna!!

  8. My show will be better! Leo's going to be his own feature. I'm not even mentioning the Vick case.


  9. Gosh Rebecca you're going to make Leo's head bigger than it already is. Ha,ha!