Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Ventures

Hi, My name is Betty Boop. I am the first dog in an exciting new venture between Our Pack Pit Bull Rescue and Humane Society Silicon Valley. I am a young girl who came into the shelter as a stray and not too many manners. Everyone at the shelter loved me but didn’t think I would do well in the general adoption kennels. That’s where Our Pack came in. They had me meet two more dogs and thought I did a pretty good job even though I admit I maybe got a bit too excited, but they didn’t have a place for me either. Foster homes are really tough to find they tell me. Well thanks to the creativity of both the people at the shelter and the people from Our Pack they came up with a really good plan. I now “belong” to Our Pack, but I am still living at the shelter in my very special kennel until a foster home is available for little ol’ me. The Our Pack volunteers are making sure I get out every day and meet new people and see new things and my friends at the shelter make sure that I have a warm clean place to sleep. Today I even got to go to doggie school and had a play date with my new friend Dexter. It may not be perfect, but they say I’m doing really well and I’m determined to be a good role model for future dogs who may get this chance.

Thank you everyone for giving me this opportunity! I will try very hard to make you proud!
Betty Boop


  1. Big, big hugs to Our Pack and HSSV for this great solution to foster home shortages. This cutey gets all the benefits of attention and training which should make her adoption go faster. You rock, Marthina and Mary, and Betty Boop appreciates all you do, as do the rest of us on the great Our Pack team.

  2. What a sweeeeet face. Big kisses.