Sunday, July 27, 2008

Happy Endings

Once upon a time there was a sweet little dog who found herself at the local shelter. She was one of those wiggle butts who says hey, pet me, come and see me with her entire body. Unfortunately she also had some spots on her skin so the shelter had to run tests to make sure she wasn't contagious. In the mean time most of her interactions were through the kennel but that butt never stopped wiggling.

Finally she was deemed to not be contagious but by then she was also full of unspent energy from waiting in the kennels. Let's just say that Heidi (which is what I had started calling her) did not have the best leash manners in the world. Can we say leash reactive??? In spite of this I convinced (ok, maybe begged just a little) Marthina to go and check her out. Gino the budda dog came along to see help with the evaluation. After a rough start she actually did quite well and into OurPack she came! She came into our foster program and we could all see her potential. She had great focus, when she wasn't doing the zoomies, and she won many hearts but she would take a special home who wanted to work with her and continue her forward progress.

Fast forward....a goofy choclatey brown pit bull named Choco and his mom and dad had been trying to find a new addition to their household. Look at this pooooor lonely guy. Well as luck would have it, they saw Miss Heidi's picture and thought they may make a good match.

Choco seemed to be head over heals for her

Thankfully his mom and dad were too!! It was such a good match for two goofy young dogs and fabulous pet parents.

We are thrilled to announce that Heidi is in her forever home...could it end any better!!

Thank you Alan and Celeste for giving our special girl such a perfect home!

pictures courtesy of Stephanie Lamm and Celeste Uy


  1. Lucky, lucky Heidi! Wonderful new parents and a fun loving, bouncy brother. She deserves the best and she got it. Way to go, Heidi :D

  2. They definitely look like they came from the same planet!

  3. They look like siblings! How adorable.

  4. Thank you for sharing our story Mary! Choco and Heidi were definitely meant to be - same crazy hyper energy, same lovable wiggle butts and even the same wonky ears!

  5. I love the way ONE of Heidi's ears stands up. They do look like siblings and yes, Celeste they do have similar personalities. Like two that "found" each other!

  6. A wonderful and heart-warming story...

  7. What a fantastic story! Heidi is SOOOO adorable. Her new parents are fantastic people. So great to know she's doing well!

  8. happy endings/beginnings i like it!! that last picture is great...they look like rocco's relatives. one down hundreds/thousands more to go?


  9. I have to say I fell head over heels in love with Heidi first, then came Choco and his parents Alan and Celeste. All the more to fall in love with. It's all just one big love fest, don't know how it could be any better, but certainly thrilled that this love story has the happy beginnings that every love story needs to last a lifetime. Makes me so happy for everyone. Thanks to Alan and Celeste for making this terrific match meet.