Thursday, July 3, 2008

Yet ANOTHER Fight Bust Dog Turned Therapist Extraordinaire!

Not just our former Michael Vick dog, Leo, but now Zoe too!

Break out the streamers and balloons!! Zoe, our Missouri fight bust dog, has also just passed all of her tests for therapy certification. She now regularly visits a rest home in San Jose, California, and puts smiles on every face she greets.

Zoe came to us from the Missouri Humane Society ( This wonderful shelter took in dogs from a Stoddard County dog fighting bust late last year.

When we first got Zoe she was very shut down and wanted to approach everyone on her belly.…poor thing. But no more of that for this girl! Now, she’s very outgoing, loves everyone she meets, and has regained the inherent confidence that we see in these fantastic creatures.

If that’s not enough good news, Zoe was adopted recently by her foster mom, Cindy. Yay! We think these two are perfect for each other - as you can see in the photo. :)

Congrats to Zoe and her new mom Cindy!

Cindy on Zoe:
"I knew the moment Zoe was in my heart. About an hour after I brought her home for the first time, she crawled into my lap and let me hold her for over an hour. She leaned against me and I remember thinking, 'How could I ever let her go?' Shortly after that I was discussing adoption with Marthina, founder of Our Pack. Zoe gets along great with my 2 Labradors and has been a wonderful playmate to the new Pit Bull I am now fostering. "

How terrific is that!

Stay tuned: we have MORE fight bust dogs that will be certified and working as therapy dogs shortly. (Ya know, these dogs are simply cut out for this work). Their stories will amaze you!


  1. Now that's family!

  2. This is a true love story of the best kind. I have never seen such a perfect match as with Cindy and Zoe. Thank you Cindy for being there for her in her time of need and making her life the dream she wants to live with her new family. Your the best! We love you as much as Zoe, thank you so, very, very much! Your a sweetheart, just like Zoe!
    Thanks again, Mike

  3. What a wonderful outcome for this great dog AND her wonderful mom! It makes my heart melt reading the success Zoe has had. Great job to all involved in bringing out the fantastic dog that we all knew was there!


  4. Stories like this make my heart sing!!!

  5. congrats to zoe and many thanks to cindy for certifying her dog for therapy so that the general public can see the breed in a positve way and help turn the pit bulls image around