Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank You Dogtime!

Dogtime was kind enough to write a nice blog about Our Pack. Take a look.


  1. Congrats! Nice post

  2. What a great article, congrats!

    Hey, not sure if you can help or not, but since you work with so many rescue pits I thought it may be worth a try.
    I have a female rescue who we think is about 2yrs. I got her December 09 and she was housetrained by March 2010. Then after 7 months of no problems, she urinates in the house pretty much every day. Sometimes even in front of me, sometimes on furniture, this morning it was almost first thing she did, even though our normal routine was being followed and she'd have been outside in just 5 more minutes. (we live in a city)
    The vet has tested her blood & urine etc and found nothing. They don't think that the fact someone used her as a breeding dog too young and too often is the cause.
    I tried to "papertrain" and failed miserable. I simply do not know how to go about ret-training her. I had the crate back out for a while but this time around it seemed to completely stress her out to be locked up when I go away. Besides, she does it when I'm here anyway, sometimes after being out just 2 hours ago.
    Sorry to dump this on you, like I said, just thought I'd ask. My poor girl hiding everytime she pees in the house so I feel bad for her. What am I doing wrong?

  3. The thing I would try here is to just get her outside FIRST, FIRST thing in the morning and take her out often, maybe every half hour or so. When taking her out don't talk to her or lean over her or anything. Just be REALLY neutral. Keep taking her out. When you're gone or you can't be watching her be sure to crate her.
    I hope this helps. Let me know if there's anything else.

  4. Thanks! I wasn't sure if this was part of being a rescue dog tied to some emotional trait I wasn't addressing correctly, or if it really is just a relapse in her training. We definitely get out 1st thing in the mornings (just takes longer in winter when I need to get on boots, coat scarf etc) I have started to confine her free space again-working slowly towards shutting the crate door again.(she stresses/hurts herself if the crate door is shut) So I guess I'm on the right path.
    As long as I'm not missing some behavioral issue associated with rescues, I'll keep going down the normal re-training path. Thanks for listening to me! I'll let you know how things turn out!

  5. Ingrid,
    We also have a facebook page with lots of helpful hints here and there. It's at