Saturday, February 26, 2011

Our Pack's Talk for the Kids

Our Pack is regularly providing education not only for the general public but also for kids with the goal to prevent animal care issues in the future. Yesterday we met up again with some great kids and brought Bernie from the 200 dog bust in OH last year. Bernie of course stole the show again as always and was a hit! We talked about ...spay/neuter, chaining dogs, what happens when dogs are left in yards and not socialized, how to care for dogs, abuse of dogfighting, etc. We talked about how dogs do great when they're revered as family members. We got the point across that the animal problems we see today are a human responsibilty. These kids were awesome! They had great questions, smart, smart answers and they were wonderful to work with! We loved them! We'd like to thank their wonderful teachers for bringing the kids, you guys are the best! We'd also like to thank Oakland Animal Services for letting us do our class there. Thanks to their ACO for the great tour and wonderful info given to the kids. She did an awesome job. Thank you Stephanie as always for giving the best talks. Anna thanks for bringing our lovely Bernie and your great input. And of course, thanks most of all to our sweet Bernie for the wisdom and love he passes on that makes the best points of all.

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