Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Pass the Pup Update

Our Pass the Puppy Program is going very well. The pups were happy to see us this week with wagging tails and smiling faces. The pups seem to like this Pass the Pup thing too! Dr. Dexter also got to work some of his magic with the little ones. We leave our shoes outside the door, put down a clean blanket, wash our hand...s (they're still getting their shots) and just love them up. We're sure to pass them around, touch them everywhere and talk to them. As we mentioned in a couple of posts back the pups came in at 10 days old and lost their parents. So we decided to get some folks together once a week to socialize them and set them up for success.
Thanks to all who are helping with this. Thanks to the fosters for bringing them to the shelter for social time. We'll post if we need more people after the 1st. Enjoy these lovely, lovely photos taken by Christine D.

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  1. That's just the best. Very descriptive photos, looks everyone was having a good time. What a great idea and thing to do for the little and big ones alike! Mike